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Saleen Explorer


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August 24, 2004
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Tulsa, OK
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2001 Eddie Bauer AWD 5.0
Does anyone know the differences in the Saleen Explorer 5.0 and the regular Explorer 5.0? Body is obvious, and I'm sure suspension is different.. but what about the engine? Are they the same?

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other than different exhuast, plauqe on top of motor and some were supercharged they are the same

Custom interior pieces as well. Most had Saleen leather seats, gauges, and other interior pieces.

Biggest diff was cost, even the very few you see on the used market are odiously priced, anyone know how many were made and what yrs?

they also made a few xp6. ford sent them a couple 6 cylinder exploreres instead of the 5.0. saleen didnt want to hassle with returning them so they did some mods to it and sold them. also the body kits are a big difference. some people make nock of body kits but they dont look the same. also there was a spoiler on it and i heard they dont make them at all, anymore.

the debuted in 1998 and ceased production in 2000. there are about 150 registered xp8 (saleen explorere) some were supercharged some were not. and only 2 xp6