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Hartman, there was an XP6. it was a SOHC, and i think they only made like 1 or 2 of them...

and yes, the tranny info is wrong. its got the 4R70W just like all other 5.0 X's. and the compression ratio is 9:1, not 8.5:1

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There was an XP6 at my local Saleen Dealer not too long ago. It was back in the service area. Looked just like the 8's just less HP.

Damn i want one with natural gas

j/k j/k

ya i like certian features of them, but they just dont catch my attention as much as a lifted Explorer.

but i want some side decals (sticker thingers) like the ones on those, there nice! lol

If i had one, i would smack myself and think why the hell id i waste my money on that, when i live in the country!

the saleen mustang S7's are really nice.

I think it would be cool as hell if someone would do a SAS on one of those...that would get some attention.

im kinda out of it, whats an SAS?

Solid Axle Swap on the front.

k thanks lol

Originally posted by james t
mmmmm...... :drool:......... big brakes

Mmmmmm......drool.....4-piston brake dust....

note the chrome James. I know this appeals to you....