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San Bernardino Natl Forest: 7/23

Ken Cooke

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April 18, 2000
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Riverside, California
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'03 Rubicon - Tomb Raider
Here's the agenda;

* Gold Mtn Trail [8 a.m. until 10 a.m.]
* John Bull Trail [10 a.m. until 12 noon]
* Holcomb Creek Trail [1 p.m. until 3 p.m.]
* Dishpan Springs Trail (Time/Axles Permitting) [5 p.m. until 7 p.m.]

We're going to keep breaks to a minimum, everyone is locked up, so, we'll be spotting each other and keeping stops to a minimum as well. My buddy Andrew will be in town from San Jose (for the Cal 4 Wheel South Dist. Meeting on Saturday the 24th) and he wants to 'wheel his CJ-7 all day long, and I promised him last May ('03) that we'd do this, but my Ranger had open diffs. :banghead: Any takers???

cell phone # (909) 255-1589

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Hmmm. We just went up by Butler's Peak last weekend and my wife's been wanting to do the "gold" trails (historical reasons... not 4x4) for ages. I can't keep up with serious wheelers, but I can hope a few other "near stock" folks may plan on coming. :cool::thumbsup:

I'd love to go but I just don't think I can swing a Friday off work just now. We'll see.

These runs are some difficult ones. High ground clearance (minimum 32" tires) and a rear locking differential will get you up and over the rough stuff. If you don't have the required gear, you can't come - this is a quick day-long pre-run for the club I'm in, and we're going to breeze through every trail we can with a minimum of stopping/breaks. If any of you guys are interested, just make sure you're built-up for the challenges. :banghead:


Thanks, Ken.

If anyone is interested in slightly easier stuff (some mud and small rocks) in the same area on the same day... let me know.

Oh man, that stinks. I've been wanting to run those trails, but I'm already taking Wed and Thur off so I HAVE to be back Friday. Is the real run closed to non-ROC rigs?

The August 8th run is reserved for members of ROC only. Sorry. But, on our April Big Bear run, there were 16 vehicles, and 1 Comanche pulling an Adventure Trailer on the trail, making for some major congestion that Brian, Ranger X, and the guys all had to deal with. :fire: With 55 members in the club, we've got our hands pretty full on these club runs...