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San Diego weather in April


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September 14, 1999
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Thanks for the replies on where to wheel in San Diego. I will plan a day with the family in Anza Borrego State Park, that should fill my needs for some trails and scenery. We are coming from Buffalo, N.Y. currently 28 deg with 10" of snow. What type of clothes should we bring fpr our stay in San Diego April 8th-13th. Does it get really hot in the day and cold at night? Thanks for all replys it seems we always pack too much!!

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just like you said

The park is going to be fairly warm during the days. I would guess into the high 80's, maybe 90's. By that time, the nights won't be that bad. This weekend, all we needed was a light jacket, or sweatshirt. The best thing to do is to dress in layers. Bring shorts. Keep in touch, I would love to be your tour guide. I getting to be fairly knowledgable on the area.

Blue Dog-

If Los Coyotes is covered in snow, this is my 2nd choice for Adam and I. Adam will be visiting from Michigan for his first trip to the West Coast - 1st time west of Michigan, actually. Suzanne has already told him lots about this area, so it will be interesting to see what he thinks of the mountains and the desert. I'm wondering with all of this rain/snow we're having, will Los Coyotes be blanketed in snow, or will the place be navigatible? I guess only time will tell...

I will be down in san Diego during that time. send me an e-mail maybe I can join up with you for a little day run somewhere. Let me know.


Hey sholzee, just wonderin', did you make it out here and how was it? Kinda lousy weather this past week. We're going out to Anza-Borrego this weekend, and it's supposed to be low 90's.

Yes I did make it to Anza Borrego. I'll have to double check my map to tell you what trail it was I took. The weather was cooler than we expected, needed more pants and less shorts. I had a new white explorer with 300 miles on it and broke it in properly. Do not get running boards they hang up too much when wheeling. I probably should have contacted someone from this site while I was out there, but my wife and kids were not into any serious wheeling. My daughter got car sick weaving through the mountains before we even got to the park. I will give more details later and maybe try to post a picture. Thanks for all that replied.

Rangerx The trail we went on in Anza-Borrego park was to Fonts point. Thats the one a park ranger suggested. All went well until we got to what I thought was the point, and it looked like the trail continued. The trail became narrow with high rock walls on each side, we were going down hill. The front driver wheel and rear passenger lost traction in the sand and were the only 2 spinning in four wheel low. I manged to get it forward and found a slightly open section to turn around. It looks like the end of Fonts trail loops around just after the point and maybe thats where I got stuck.

I did'nt like the rear independent suspension on the Explorer. It seemed to squat in the rear often on acceleration, and the rear wheels looked like they had alot of negative camber in them. The truck also needed a lift, I dragged the running boards alot on the fonts point trail. I had full coverage and did a little staightening off the boards before returning the Explorer.

We also went to Ocotillo Wells as my kids were missing there dirt bike and four wheeler. You have some beautiful country and excellent places to explore. I wish we had more areas in New York to enjoy our hobbies like you do in California. Everyone I met was helpful and courteous, we had a wonderful trip. Hopefully this picture will show up of us on Fonts Point that my wife took. Opps how do I attach a picture??