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So I started collecting parts for my sas kinda half heartedly knowing I wanted to do it and it just kinda happened one day. I meant to start this thread before I started with pictures of all the parts and the process of me doing it. but like I said I just kinda started and forgot. So we are dropping in about 75% threw doing it.

So here is how it sits now. I would guess about a 6" lift is where we ended up.

This is the beginingish I just got most of the ifs in the front cut out and the d30 sat close to where I wanted it I'm using soa porches from Barnes 4wd and out riggers and there shackle mounts so I got the thing as centered as I could.

Here's a pick of the outrigger and leaf hanger tacked in. And that's pretty much all the pic I got during. So here it is now with everything welded in it's got
2.5" old man emu lift leafs with arb bushings generic ebay shackles
yj ubolt spring plates
22" xj braided brake lines
new 88 wrangler calipers and pads
1st gen explorer box 3/16 plate sandwiched on frame
f150 and 2ed gen steering shaft
f150 drop pitman arm
Relocated power steering cooler
Factory sway bars and end links extended 6" in rear
Mustang rear dif stabilizer shock
Rancho 5000 shocks
M.o.r.e. high steer kit
Barnes 4wd 1.5" dom 3/4" heim diy steering kit

Now my delema is the drive shaft... I need a longer front driveshaft the rear seems to be fine but the front ended up stretched like 3 inches forward which is what I wanted but my thought is the factory front drive shaft only has 2 inches of slip at the cv I'm worried if I get that shaft extended it will just wreck the cv first time I go off road. I saw a ranger shaft from ruff country that has better slip and it's the right length but at the cv end it's a cardon joint and has a wierd adapter that I don't know will fit. If anyone has used one with a sas I would love to know. And if not what have some of you other guys done for this? just used the stock shaft extended? That's about it for now I'm going to be doing gears in the dana next I'm just doing 3.73 to match the rear cause I'm to broke to buy 2 sets of gears for now😂

You can probably have your factory shaft rebuilt with a longer slip joint.

You can probably have your factory shaft rebuilt with a longer slip joint.
I'll have to look into it.i just don't understand the only slip availible from the driveshaft is in the cv joint there isn't an actual slip joint like a regular driveshaft. I'm assuming it was designed that way because a factory driveshaft would never require any slip because of the diff being mounted to a fixed surface.

A slip joint is bad if it’s not needed.