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SAS for SGR1600?

I'm trying to test out the waters here. I'd really like to start accumulating the parts for me swap, but I don't plan to get to work on it until the summer. A question for all you SAS vets: What else would be needed besided the parts listed:

dana 30 from an xj (one piece shafts no vac discos) 4.10 gear ratio. all the xj brakcets have been cut off and sanded smooth ready for the EB setup.
axle was cleaned and primed and painted black

brand new still in box rotors

rebuilt capipers painted red.

brand new in box brake pads

brake lines

crome diff cover

EB axle wedges and 2.5 id 2.75 od tubing to build up axle housing for the EB wedges.

brand new still in box daystar bushings for EB front suspension. (red)

brand new still in box wild horses 5" rockcrawlers (red)

tie rod and drag link from yj.

EB coil buckets and spring keepers. cleaned and primed and painted black

EB bottom coil buckets cleaned and primed and painted black

EB radius arms (cut and ready to have caster arms made out them)

EB track bar and frame mount

Jeep track bar and frame mount

ranger power steering box with both lines and pitman arm

EB shock mounts

BTW, this list comes from a lot that someone is selling, so I just want to know what else I will have to buy. Thanks for the early help!

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sounds like you pretty much have everything you need. You didn't say anything about radius arm brackets/mounts, or 'castor arm' mounts and whatever driveshaft modifications that you will have to do, and also shocks. Other than that it looks like your are all set.

Originally posted by Chad Spalding
I looked at your photo album, where did you get those 'castor arms'/radius arms? and about how much did they cost, I think I like those.

huh? My photo album? I don't have any castor or radius arms... everything down there is stock... duno what you're talkin about.

oh #@&*, I'm sorry, I was thinking of another truck.

To be honest, I don't think you can ever plan out everything you will need for such a project, but that stuff would be a good start.

If I were to run a Ford radius arm setup, I would go ahead and start with a Ford axle. The C bushing mounts are already there, none of this building up axle diameter and installing the wedges. (I would go into other reasons, but don't want to start another D44 vs D30 debate :D)

I wouldn't mess with the bushings though. I am not sure what the Daystar EB susp bushings are, but if they are radius arm bracket bushings, poly probably isn't the best choice IMO. Good ol rubber will allow more flex. And if that includes C-bushings, those come in varying caster angles, so that might be something you need to figure out in the future, it is hard to predict from the get-go.

There are a couple of other things on that list that I am not sure if they will work directly on your X (Jeep trac bar for example), but they may. Also, being a narrow axle, I don't think the stock Ford radius arm mounts will work. Others have had to create a mount that narrowed where the arms mounted to the frame.

I agree, there way too much to think up for a list. What else, I didn't see was a trac bar drop down bracket, and extended brake lines.

that was my list..... :) :)

I went with the dana 30 cuase i wanted to keep the same bolt pattern.......

the bushings ARE for EB suspension.

The caster arms where made by a freind. 500 bucks or so for the pair. I never had them made, i cut the radius arm "heads" off and was getting ready to send them to have the caster arms made up but then i decided to sell teh explorer and got a hummer :)

i actually still got all that stuff, if you want to call me or shoot me an email i can tell you more about it all. and what other items you would still need. i think just the driveshaft and some brake line adaptor parts along with teh caster arms

my email is

yeah, that is your list ;) .

I was just trying to figure out what everyone though I might need in addition to that stuff. I'd be making you an offer, but I really don't have the money or the time to do this right now. This summer I will probably look into it again. Thanks.