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SAS lifting-leaf spring food for thought--interesting

oh yeah, also found out, but still have to verify, thru 4wp, that the newer chevy pu/tahoe uses a 56" rear spring pack, and i was thinkin that if you went to places like Full Throttle or Cognito lifts, that you could get a 12 or 14 pack, but thats for us "mud boggers"

If you are going spring over in the rear, then you are half way there, only need 6 inch lift springs to go the rest of the way. Going that tall on such a short vehicle is going to give you driveline problems, are you going to drop the motor and tranny down?

later on im gonna swap it out for a 302/C tranny combo, but now i have the "bug" of wanting to put rockwell axles under my explorer, cause im wanting to run 44s, and right now, rockwells are cheaper than D60 sets, and would handle more, only thing that im dealing with is the braking system,ram steering, and trying to find out how reliable the axle is in terms of maintainance