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SAS Q's...


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October 31, 2010
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Ridgecrest, Ca
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92 xl
Well, it looks like it is time to do a SAS since my current D35 pretty much siezed up on the last trip. Pinion Bearing and seal went out, and dumped all my fluids, There was only one way out and it had to be in 4 wheel. So it was a price you gotta live with to get home. Anyways, I've been looking around at the current SAS registries and I am having a hard time finding one that matches what I'm looking for and I want to make sure there isn't any unforseen issue before I start my own.

I would like to keep my overall lift down around 5"-6" and run 33's. I have a Jeep D30 with 3.73 to match my rear 8.8.

My question is this, is there anyone that has done a SAS and SOA that kept their overall lift in my desired range? If so, I would like to talk to them and get some pointers before I dive in.



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February 8, 1999
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Wayoutin, Aridzona
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'93 XL Pumpkin Edition
Most end up with more lift than that in order to clear the engine's crossmember. I can't think of anyone off hand who has only run 33s after a SAS.

Bruces expo

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January 19, 2005
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Middle GA
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91 Mazda Navajo
Like Rick said , Most people Shoot for More lift Than That , I Was Also debating the d30 idea before , but i have yet to see what your speaking of, probably similar to my idea , i was thinking about the d30 with leafs upfront with 35"s , then i seen all the d44 and EB with coils and radius arms , they both flex well and both perform , The question is what will be cost effective and efficient for your type of wheeling !!


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February 1, 2005
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Dallas, GA
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'95 XLT
I'm running 33's with my SAS but I didn't do a SOA swap on the rear. Instead I built my own spring packs using F150 and FJ40 packs. I got the FJ40 packs from my brother when he bought new ones for his truck.