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SAS Questions

Hey guys i am starting to save up some money for a SAS and SOA conversion. I have a 97 xlt and my goal is to put a d44 in front and a Ford 9 in the rear with the SOA. WHat are some good d44's/Ford 9 i should look at like from what previous vehicle? and also with the d44 i have seen a couple leaf springs in the front what is better the coil or leaf springs? and how would i go about installing the new suspension when replacing it with the old TT setup?

Sorry if that was confusing i am trying to learn more about it so that i can do it but if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great


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those are good questions chad, well i have a 92' xlt and im gonna do a sas and a soa on both dif's. im gonna do a dana 44 in front and a ford 9 or a dana 60 in rear im gonna use leaves because i think that they are better (for certain applications. i want the leaves because i think that the coils are unreliable sometimes theyre just to squirley. im goin leaves cause they are in a fixed position at all times and you can get them completely custom from BUT coils are known for their great flexibility more often you can achieve more arty than with leafs

I would suggest reading through the registries here and researching A LOT. It's all be covered multiple time on many different sites.

i did go through quite a few regrestries but didnt find the answeres i am looking for just what they used to do it

Better start reading :D

Just search for the term "SAS" -- you'll get plenty of hits!
Section525's build:


wow thats alot of work i may just look into a local shop doing it for me