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sas sport tracs!

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It'll flex better then those pictures, plus it's a longer wheelbase the the Ex so it doesn't look like it's flexing as much.

I'll be running Rancho 44044 springs up front and I know they flex more then the stock Waggy's, that's why I'm using them.

Oh no it flexes way more than that. That picture was with sway bar and traction bar connected, neither of which I run anymore. With the t-bars I could barely flex at all but with the SAS I have a ton more travel. Never actually measured though.

I still don't have any max flex shots but this is at least 4" of up travel at the front.


Not quite into the well in the front which is why the BL needs to go. I've got way too much of a tire gap when it's sitting at rest. The rear will go all the way into the wheel wells though

Back from the dead :dead:





Yep, I've had a couple set backs in the build on mine but it's in the "under construction" stage. Updates: the 4.0 V6 and complete drivetrain is gone, getting swapped in is a 1989 EFI 351w, C6 and 1356 manual t-case. 37" tires on recentered H1 double beadlocks, 1989 Grand Waggy Dana 44 HD, RuffStuff Specialties parts (too many to list), Parts Mike armless highsteer knuckles and arms, Yukon thick cut 4.56 gears. the list goes on....

You can check out my build thread here...

And a couple pictures...