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SAS Steering? Buy Mine- Complete with Heims and DOM

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Hey guys. Thought I would put this here so those of you who are doing SAS can use it if you need it. I am selling the steering setup on my SAS.
Here is my Setup Description with Pics:
more info on my SAS can be found here

I purchased all the Steering link parts from RockWare (
4 3/4" Heim Joints with a 3/4" hole (2 Left hand Threads, 2 Right Hand Threads)
Weld in Threaded ends for the Tubing
1 1/8" Seamless DOM tubing
I used 3/4" Grade 8 Bolts for all the Steering. Drilled out the Pitman Arm and the knuckles.
I also used Misalignment Bushings for 3/4" Bolts from Poison Spyder Customs ( I used 3 1/4" bushings and 1 3/4" bushing
I put an "s" Bend in the Drag Link to keep the Heims with in Misalignment travel through out suspension cycle. Both the Tie Rod and Draglink are mounted over the knuckles (not pictured) and the Tierod has a small bend in it to accomodate the draglink as it fully compresses

I am selling the steering setup on my SAS. I have decided to go another route. It is made out of beefy DOM- 1.25" OD ~ approximately 1/4" Wall - not sure how to specifically call that what it is! (See pics for detailed look). And 3/4" by 3/4" Highest quality Chromoly Heim Joints or Rod Ends (3/4" Holes and 3/4" thread). I used wled in Thread inserts of the same quality and Jam nuts of the same quality. Two Left hand Heims are on these links and Two right hand Hiems are on these links so that they adjust by simply loosening the jam nuts and turning the link (it is not neccessary to remove the whole link). The Bolts are Grade 8 3/4" of varying lengths depending on component. The nuts are Grade 8 mechanical locking nuts.

Here is what I will include:

- Bolts, nuts, washers to mount to pitman arm and knuckles
- Draglink with "S" bend for increased travel
- Tie rod with slight bend in passenger side for increased up travel on the drag link
- 2 Hiem joints (one left, one right) for drag link
- All the misaligment bushings

All the heims are in awesome shape. NO SLOP. This is one of the toughest setups out there and I spared no expense in making it. It is the highest quality parts available. Will fit a F150 or Big Bronco Axle that has been narrowed to EB width (approximately 6"). I believe it will also work with an EB axle, but it might have to be one with f150 knuckles. The knuckles and pitman arm will need to be reamed or drilled to accept the 3/4" bolts. Detailed PICS

Heim, Misalignment Bushing, Bolt, Washer

I have almost $400 in this setup. It is ready for someone to take a huge part of thier SAS headache out with a simple bolt on. If you have priced this stuff and looked into building it you know it costs some serious cash and is a huge headache to build right. This is a great deal for someone.

$250/ Offer

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