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SASing 1st Gen 4dr.

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Due to lack of funds $$$ he won't be doing this anytime soon.

Starting this thread for SAS work gonna do over next few weeks and have done for SMORR trip.

Vehicle 91 I think LOL White 4dr Explorer, was automatic, has allready been converted to 5spd and Manual 1354, has sunroof.

Rear has disk brake 8.8. 3.73 gears for now, mounted under rear springs.

Running some pretty worn 33's for now

Front end plans, gonna narrow a 79 HP D44, 6in on passengerside, run wild horse 3.5 in EB coils, stock 79 stlye radius arms, custom Heim joint steering.

Will try and grab some pics ASAP.

The body on this is not a show vehicle, will not be concerned about trail scars:thumbsup:


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August 1, 2008
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So, back to some tree rubbing eh.

Times running out for such a mod for SMORR.......:eek:

I guess this will eat up your spare time and you wont make it out for a pre-run :(


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August 31, 2008
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Its hard to say on prerun, my truck is busted, and need to rear leaf springs, trying to decide on which deavers to get for it. I think this will only take a good weekend.