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Satellite Radio Dilemma


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September 15, 2001
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I guess you can call it a dilemma...but whatever here's the deal.

As of right now, I have a Sony HU in my truck with a 10CD changer. The headunit reads mp3's as does the CD changer so i've been driving around with over 3000 songs for the past couple of years but I think its time for a change and I think Satellite radio is the next step.

Now I guess the only Pro of the situation is my current Sony HU is "XM Ready"...which means I only have to buy the XM antenna receiver ($20 which is really $50 with a rebate) and the Sony XM hook-XM-to-your-HU adapter thingy which is another $50. I could live with not having one of those fancy external XM controlls. Plus I like the idea of having less stuff clutter up my console....but at the same time It could be cool to be able to bring it from my car to my house and listen to it anywhere...

But here's the kicker. Since I have a 10CD changer already going to the HU, it's only input for AUX devices is taken up. This means I need something else hook up both the CD changer and XM antenna. Enter the Sony XA-C30 which is a nifty unit that lets me hook up 3 extra anythings to my headunit, including the XM adapter. Only problem is thats another $100 plus shipping so its starting to hit home.

So at this point im wondering if it would just be better to get one of the XM kits that uses an FM modulator because it could be cheaper then spending over $200 for all that other stuff. Or is the prices about the same? I was thinking of possibly selling the changer and in the future if I wanted to just get an iPod or something of the like but then i'd be in the same boat with needing the extra input adapter.

Any thoughts? Also, since my HU is only XM ready, that means i'd only be getting XM and couldnt get SIRIUS if I wanted it. Bah..

Do not use an FM modulator - they are crappy sounding and a major hassle.

I would ditch the cd changer, get an XM MyFi, get an mp3 player, then switch the AUX input to whichever you want to listen to.

I run a Roady2 with a Creative Zen 40GB mp3 player. I listen to XM probably 95 percent of the time. Once you get it you will be hooked on it.

the modualtor is a PITA.

I would definatly go with the set up that maximised flexability.

If budget is an issue do it in steps.

I had my Sirius stuff instaled for five months before I activated it.

My pioneer tuner has an aux passthrough, allowing me to plug the changer into the tuner and then into the headunit - not sure about sony, so i guess i'm no help