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Satellite Radio Owner?


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April 11, 2009
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N. Andover Massachusetts
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99 Mercury Mountaineer
Hi ,
Thank you for taking the time to read this message.
Five years ago I had a XM satellite receiver installed in my Mounty.

Five years ago it seemed like the signal would get interrupted off and on and would get a little annoying.
After a few years I started to get tired of it and stopped my subscription.

Now Sirus and XM have merged and they have a new dual band receiver SXMIR1TK1 that gives you the capability of listening to either XM or Sirus at the push of a button for $19.99 per month.

If you have satellite radio what do you think of it?
If you have Sirus is it any good for classic rock channels?

I had XM and there were only a few channels.
Has satellite radio changed any over the past five years?

Any information will be very much appreciated.
Thank you,

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I cancelled my Sirius subscription. I found that paying money to listen to the radio was not worth it for me. I only listened to 2 or 3 channels and not all that often either as its still radio and you dont get to pick the playlists. My iPod and factory MP3 deck get a lot more use. Thats my 0.02.

I have Sirius in the Jetta and I really dig it. I have about four FM radio station presets in my truck and often times they're all commercials. F that noise. I'd rather pay a few bucks a month to have 100% music.

The CD/Mp3 thing is cool too, but then you're limited to your own junk. I'm down to hear things I've long forgotten about, or new stuff, etc.

Been using Sirius for a few years now....will never go without it again.

Sirius for almost two years. Terrestrial radio is dead to me now. Channel 7, 14 and 15 pretty good for classic rock. Never thought I would like Howard Stern, or anything like that but it`s pretty funny sometimes. good stand-up comedy if you need a laugh too.
I can only get like two stations decently where I live and I hate them both, that helped with the decision. I have a portable that I take with me in my work vehicle where I have a second car kit.

I've used Sirius when I've been in Canada and I'd rather have the tunes on my phone... saves money..


Thank you everyone for all the input.
It is very much appreciated and helpful.

Sirius for a long time,, since available,, one of the first subscribers in Canada,, since 2003,
No radio stations here,,, so,,

worth every penny to me, , i listen to it everyday in my truck, my shop , my boat , and have the setup for to listen to it on my computer
i listen to alot of music, so that makes it worth it, ,

I listen to Sirius about 8 hours a day. In my truck, listen online and around the house, plus a second handheld unit.

9-N Covino and Rich on 108 is pretty good stuff
N-4 Jason Ellis is great on 28

I'd pay the monthly fee for those 2 shows right there.

Sirius 20, Octane FTW!!! Although Covino and Rich is pretty good...