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saving space with subwoofers


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October 26, 2004
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okay new idea. I have two subs (JL Audio 8w0'S). I bought these particularly so i could put them anywhere and still get pretty good bass response. I was planning on building a false floor, but ditched that idea but I am constantly putting band equipment in the back of my truck and it would be a huge pain in the ass. So the new plan is to build a box almost as long as the rear panel that you have to take off to access the stock sub. I will route out the panel and stick the box in there. That way, the subs will be close together, so no bass cancellation, and it would give me room for equipment, and i could get rid of that awful q-logic stealth box. If anyone has any tips on building this box or doing any of this, please feel free to comment. If you live in MA and think you know what you're doing and want to help me out, PM me. Thanks.

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I fooled around with building a stealthbox for my truck. It's vey tight in there, most subs won't fit. Unless you plan on absolutely destroying your rear panel, you can't get 2 subs in there, it's hard enough to fit just a single one.

That being said, I wonder how making that air space behind the pocket(where the stock sub goes) into a bandpass portion of a box that sits on the panel would work.

I built two seperate boxes for my 2 12 inch subs, and I can take them in and out whenever I want seperately. It only cost me about 30 dollars to build them opposed to the $150+ it would've been to buy them. If you want step to step instructions of how to build a sub box go to and you should be able to find some.

I have a 1.25 cu ft sealed enclosure for my MTX 2 ohm 12". 14x14x16 basically.
It is the recommended box for this driver.
I put home depot handles on the sides and carpet it on all 6 sides.
I have about 10' of speaker cord leading to it.
I can put it in the passenger seat if I want to, or strap it down in the far back of the cargo area like normal.
I can take it out complateley if I need to, I can also use it as a chair next to the campfire if I want :)

I love this setup. After years and years of huge boxes taking up all the cargo space I like this setup the best.

Hey 410-do you attract fish with it too? I'll bet you eat well when you are by the campfire!

Seriously though, 410 has the best idea, portability is a good idea...heck, you could even strap it to the roof rack and let everyone enjoy the tunes.

Is there a stealth box designed for the Explorer?

yup...mtx thunderform, jl stealth box and q logic all make one

I would buy a new speaker and a stealth box. I have a 10" Infinity sub which the sub would not fit into the stealth box, so i built my own box to fit into the factory spot, and it was a pain in the a** to get the box to fit the specks and so on. If you don't want to do a lot of work spend the money and buy the speaker MTX and the stealth box. I think that i saw some stealth boxes on e-bay a while back. Plus you don't want to screw up the side panel for selling purposes in the future.