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Saw an accident today...

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August 10, 2006
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2000 Limited
Well, this morning, I saw an accident on the road. A old dodge woody station wagon got rear-ended by a semi going ~45mph while they were stopped at the stop lights. I would have snapped some pics, but I was busy hobo-ing myself hurriedly around the state. It got smashed up beyond the rear axle. It's the type of thing that reminds us the importance of being aware of others on the road, and why you should wear a seatbelt. Bottom line, even stopped at the stop light, you aren't safe. You always need to be aware of other drivers around you. If she had noticed the truck barreling down on her, she could have easily moved out of the way. I know I for one always watch my mirrors, even when I am stopped at a light. You never know where and when things will happen, so its a startling reminder when things like this happen, just showing that you are never safe from other drivers.:salute:

Keep safe out there!

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Yikes thats $hitty! What a way to go for the old Woody.

I look im ny review all the time i feel more safer doing like 65 on the free way then at a red light.

No doubt- I'm always light on the brake at lights in case I need to do something...

Yeah, actually one of my buddies avoided getting rear ended because he saw the car coming, and floored it, and put his car up on the median.

Hi guys... We saw one this weekend where the vehicle wrapped around a tree and killed the passenger who was pregnant. It's not pleasant seeing plastic bags being taken from what's left of the decedent. Horrible.

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