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Scope's Audio Build Thread

Could you not just pull the single back seat out of a junked sport trac?

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That's what I was thinking... You'd have to weld in new brackets to bolt it down to but it should work just fine.

I can't remember where I saw it but iirc there were ST's with three single seats in the back. Don't quote me on this though. I read about it when I first bought my Trac back in '05. I'll try and find the thread and or pictures and post them.

I was also just thinking... I think you would also have to switch the seat belt clip to the other side... right?

No, the seat belt clip is attached to a bracket on the cab. Not apart of the seat at all

I been thinking about upgrading my system like i have done with my other cars. my main question is if i am going to lose the back seat stereo controls by upgrading units. The answer to this question will dictate if i upgrade or not. Thank you guys

Unfortunately.... yes... yes you will. Unless there is a wire hidden in there I couldn't find Im pretty sure its not something easy to make work. I just did my buddy's stereo in his 99 Mustang for him and I noticed the harness had a steering wheel control wire, Im tempted to see if my harness does and try to find a wire... but I also have very little time to do that exploring, mid terms are coming up!

Its been decided, 2 Cerwin Vegas. Vega 15.2's. Still hunting for an amp that fits everything. How am I fitting 2 15's? The back seat is coming out. All of it. Im planning on mounting the subs in the rear storage space which I already have cleared out, and making an amp rack in the middle so it will show off my amps a little bit more. I'll also have more room for my tool box and "go bag" this way. Lots more room in the back for items, just not passengers.

Still calculating the space I need to make this box to give the subs enough air, and studying up on ported boxes. I have already started on a 3D model of the box (kinda). I need to measure some things before I get real progress done, but I've replicated the subs already so I can test fit them with the box I make.

To help fund this I'll be selling my old box and subs soon. Maybe the wires too, I'm thinking about upping to 0 gauge and running it under my cab then plastidipping over them to protect them from the IN winter and such. :D

Estimated time of completion is late summer. Im working on this in free time between work and class. Can only go as quick as money allows too.

Damn talk about some bump in there

FINALLY! My roommate got the 2 Vega's I was looking at, and an RE Audio amp and his Stang bumps really really hard now. While he was shopping, I was hunting.

Found these puppies:
Foooor................................................................ $178 for the pair! Need to get my HiFonics amp ordered and start my box designed!


Got my Resonance Engineering SR12's! Double Stacked magnets, 3" voice coils, and 30mm of Excursion! Was underpowering one of them and it slammed hard. Took it out of the box and the guy wired it all wrong -.- so when I get my box and amp it should sound even louder!

Working with TaylorPro99 on a box design. He placed in a national bass comp. and happens to go to Purdue!

I know this thread has basically been me talking to myself, but I'm working on my box now. It will sit where the old 1/3 rear seat sat. I decided to keep it sealed so I don't have to rebuild it for different sets of subs. Sealed boxes are very temperamental with sound when you start dropping different pairs in it.

Should be done in a week or so. Ill be starving my RE's withy 770w JBL, but funds are still tight so it'll be awhile before I get a new amp. HiFonics just came out with new stuff so I'm thinking one of those amps. Pics to come.

I'm you're not just talking to yourself. Audio just has never been high on my list of things to do but it is an interest. I wouldn't even know what kind of questions to ask so I just watch and learn.

I know this thread has basically been me talking to myself, but..

You have 6000 views on the thread, buddy! Just because we don't respond in here doesn't mean we don't like to keep up on your progress!


We got your back. Or more just looking over your shoulder but we're here lol. I'm with Offtrac, music isn't my strong point but I appreciate cars with good sound.

Hows the seat box mod coming? The July TOTM is for audio builds which is all you.

Well, truck is a mess. Ive been crazy busy with two jobs amd moving into a new apartment to really clean it up and finish painting the box.




Kinda hard to get a good pic of it haha. Its all still running off ofy old 770w pocket amp I have a 2kw amp I gotta fix that'll put crazy bump in it tho. Oh ya, after my hhighway accident I got a brand new front bumper and grill and black headlights amd corners. The body shop even airbrushed the cladding for me!

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Oh my god... This is perfect. The behind the rear seat is a b.s. set-up!