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Scored some new doors. Have a an electrical question.


April 16, 2009
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Eastpointe, MI
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1995 Explorer Sport 4 dr
Yesterday I scored all 4 doors from a 99 Explorer XLT for $100. I was able to unplug all the doors besides the driver door. I clipped the wires at the door jam. Did a search and I believe the clip is in the black cylinder correct? So I should be okay once I get the top off of it and unplug it? I took the kick panel off and did not see the clip in there like the rear doors.

Other than that was there any kind of wiring or harness change from 1995 to 1999 that I need to look out for? I have 95 4 door sport. The new door has the key pad and my existing does not. I don't expect to get that working. I think it is a separate plug anyways.


Anyone know anything about this?

Right now I have all 4 doors, the rear hatch (with brake lights) front bumper with fogs, long center console, and the upper grille with the front core support sitting in my basement! All from a 1999 Explorer XLT. Got everything for just over $200.

I needed the core support because the previous owner took a sawzall to the front rock guard (the part between the bumper and the grille). I peaked through the grille and it is all rusted out in front of my radiator. Michigan is hell on automobiles!

Are there any fitment or electrical issues that I might run into bolting this stuff up to my 95?

hello neighbor

no there shouldnt be

except now your rear hatch will look more like a minivan

btw they never made a sport 4 door, sounds like someone already swapped the hatch without changing the badge