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Scott B's 2006 Ranger FX4 Level II

Thanks, Gregg.

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Hey by chance to do still have your stock white grill ?? send me a PM if so..

Battery Upgrade

I replaced my factory battery with an Optima Red Top. The factory battery just hit 6 years, and the green indicator is no longer green. :(

I had to cut the front lip off the factory tray to allow the Ruff Stuff cage to fit. Once cut, I sprayed the entire tray with undercoating.

I have military style cable clamps to replace the factory ones - I will get to those as soon as I can.


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I took some time from my other project to complete the battery upgrade on this truck.

As you can see, I replaced the corroded factory battery cable ends with solder-on lugs and shrink-wrap, and installed a set of military style battery clamps.

Very easy to do, and looks so much better. Hopefully, this setup won't attract corrosion like the factory clamps did.


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..Where did you find those military style battery clamps??

I found these at Napa.

I can look the numbers up if you are interested...

...Sure...Always looking for more PN's for future mods..:biggthump

Napa numbers:


One is for positive, one for negative - I don't have it marked as to which is which.

Trans Cooler and Filter

Since I am taking this truck on the Desert Expedition this year (since the other one isn't finished yet) I took some time to work on a long-delayed project.

I installed an external transmission filter, and re-plumbed the transmission cooler lines.

I made a bracket to mount the trans filter adapter to a bumper bolt, right next to the frame rail. It is forward of the front tire. Unfortunately, the filter will probably see some dirt thrown from the tire - but this truck doesn't do much off-road, so that shouldn't be a big problem.

1 - adapter and bracket
2 - trans cooler being fitted for AN-6 fittings
3 - adapter mounted (view from below)


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    Cooler Mod.JPG
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Here, you see:

1 - View from over the tire
2 - New cooler lines
3 - View from below with filter


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GPS Mount

Ever since I mounted my GPS in the other truck, I have wanted a mount for it in this truck. Other that the fact that I had no intention of drilling holes in the dash like in the other truck, there really is no place to add a mount to the dash. (This dash has an airbag on the passenger side.)

Looking through Ram Mount I found some very useful pieces!

I mounted the base on the side of the console I built. The flex arm comes up in front of the dash, with a ball on top. This allows me to attach my GPS in the same manner as in the other truck.

The GPS is viewable from both seats, and not in the passenger's way.

The only drawback is the slight vibration transmitted through the flex arm. It's not bad on paved roads, but I imagine it will be more on the rough stuff.


1 - Before
2 - Parts
3 - View from passenger side
4 - View from driver's side


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New Springs

I finally bit the bullet and replaced the leaf springs.

The rear end on this truck has been sagging for a while, and I never found a satisfactory solution (add-a-leaf, air bags, etc.)

I ordered a set of springs and u-bolts from Michigan Truck Spring. I ordered u-bolts from them several years ago for the other truck and received really good customer service, so I gave them the repeat business.

The springs are OEM replacements, manufactured by a company in Pennsylvania. The springs are 4-leaf plus overload packs, rated at 1750 pounds. I upgraded to 5/8" u-bolts while I was at it. (The 5/8" u-bolts are grade 8, whereas the smaller sizes are grade 5.) I did have to open up the bolt holes in the spring plate a little, to fit the larger u-bolts.

The first picture shows the parts, the second picture shows the right side completed.


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When I installed the rear disk brakes, I made a bracket to hold the cable adjuster, and mounted my bracket to the factory e-brake bracket. Unfortunately, the factory bracket bent a little bit. (First picture, before bending.)

I made a replacement factory bracket out of 3/16" angle. (Second picture, factory bracket on the right.) Since the bracket is held in place with the forward spring bolt, I hadn't replaced it yet. Obviously, now was the time to replace it.


  • Pic 13.JPG
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Did you notice mileage improvements after installing the lockouts? Also what about after the headers for MPGs and power?

Did you notice mileage improvements after installing the lockouts? Also what about after the headers for MPGs and power?


It's really hard to say - I do so much around-town driving, mileage isn't that good.

On my recent trip, I ran a tank with 21 MPG - and that was loaded down. I ran one at 17, when the tire pressure dropped with altitude and I forgot to check it. Most tanks ran 18 - 19 MPG - which isn't bad given how much weight I was carrying.

You won't see a drastic improvement in mileage with those mods - probably a tick up in power, though.

...Crop..:eek:..I just noticed your pics of your parking brake bracket that you made..Nice job..:biggthump

Monumental Event

The truck hit 100,000 miles yesterday!


  • Event.JPG
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..and to think..:scratch:...for 99,000 miles it went totally unscathed...:p:

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I haven't updated this thread for quite some time - too much time working on my other truck...

Anyway, I replaced the u-joints as part of my 100,000 mile maintenance. The old ones weren't really bad, but I'd rather change parts at my convenience rather than the part's convenience.

The truck came from the factory with the same Spicer joints that I used. They look like a very high quality part.


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