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Scott B's 93 Ranger XLT V8

Scott B.

Explorer Addict
February 15, 1999
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'93 Ranger XLT
1993 Ranger XLT SuperCab
5.0L HO
AOD transmission, wide ratio gears (2.84:1, 1.55:1, 1.00:1, 0.70:1)
BW 1354 manual shift transfer case

Rancho lift front, pushed to 4+ inches
Deaver Spring leafs rear, 4 inches, tension (inverted) spring hangers, snail wrap
RS 9000XL shocks

American Racing Outlaw II, 15x7
BF Goodrich All Terrain KO 32x11.50-15
4.10 gears
Explorer 8.8 rear end, 31-spline Moser axles, Torsen limited slip, Disc brakes
Dana 35 TTB front, TruTrac, '95 Ranger knuckles, dual-piston calipers
Quick disconnect front swaybar

5.0L SN95
K&N FilterCharger (from a '95 Explorer), custom air intake system
FlowMaster mufflers and cats, 2 1/2" true dual exhaust
Optima YellowTop
160 amp alternator
Steering Shaft upgrade

Alpine CD player
Infinity Kappa speakers
Cobra 25WX NW ST CB radio
Oil Pressure Gauge mod
Taurus dome light
Autometer dual gauge pod
Explorer 2001 Sport bucket seats w/headrests, custom upholstery
Grant steering wheel

Ekhart Class III trailer hitch
Custom built front skid plate, 1/4" aluminum
K40 antenna
Front C***y tow hooks on custom mounts
Clear front corner lights
Custom built rear bumper, with swing-out for tire carrier and Hi-Lift mount, swing-out for fuel/water cans
Viair 2 gallon air tank
Custom built under-bed air tank mount
Line-X coated fender flares
2006 Emblems
2000 Tail lights

Truck Bed
ARE Z Series Camper Shell
Yakima rack system
Rhino Lining in the bed
Custom built sleeping platform
Engel MT45F refrigerator
Optima YellowTop
Viair air compressor

To Do
Change interior to black * in progress *
New carpet

Rear shocks - Bilstein 5165

Redo front suspension - Camburg, Autofab, Deaver, Bilstein

States Visited
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina

Helpful Articles
Speedo Drive Gear Primer

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...:eek:...What...:shifty_ey ...No pics???...:popcorn:

Here are 2, from several years back, taken in Colorado. More to follow...


  • ccr2000-1-small.JPG
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  • ccr2000-2.jpg
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Spare Tire Mount

Here are some shots of the bed with my spare tire mount. You can also see my shovel/axe mount. The Hi-Lift mount is on the right side of the bed.


  • Bed1.JPG
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  • Bed2.JPG
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...Clean setup...:thumbsup:

...Do I spy an 8.8 in the garage and someone is a Mark Martin Fan??

Sharp eye!

Yes, that is an 8.8 - it is the original one for my '93. 28 spline, 3.73 gears, Traction Lock. I guess I should sell it, or donate it....

And yes, I am a Mark Martin fan! Too bad he's back to driving chevys. :(

Can you post up some more pics on how you did the tow hooks on the front? Nice truck!

I will take some photos this weekend for you.

Tow Hook Mounts

Each mount is made from a piece of 1/4" steel, 10" x 5". The 90 degree bend is at 4 1/2", and there are 2 triangular gussets welded in.

There are a total of 3 mounting bolts per side. The 2 lower bolts (grade 8) go through the triangular holes in the frame (backing plate on inside of frame.) The upper bolt (grade 5) goes through only the outer side of the frame. The nut is slipped through a slot in the bottom of the frame, and wrestled onto the bolt. (The top bolt does carry any/much load, only serving to keep the bracket tight against the frame.)

The tow hooks are from a 90's vintage full-size Chevy (don't hate me!) The are bolted to the bottom of the brackets with grade 5 bolts.

As they sit, you can put a Hi-Lift jack under a hook, and lift the truck (yes, I know from experience!)

Doing them again, I would probably shorten the horizontal part a bit, and place the hook closer to the frame. You have to watch the bolt heads, though, to allow each one to be tightened without interfering with the others. Also, I might re-design the front gusset (or add a third), welding it as far forward as possible. My first version only had the rear gusset, and lifting the truck by the hook bent the bracket (slightly.)


  • Tow Hook 1 rt small.JPG
    Tow Hook 1 rt small.JPG
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  • Tow Hook 2 rt small.JPG
    Tow Hook 2 rt small.JPG
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  • Tow Hook 3 rt small.JPG
    Tow Hook 3 rt small.JPG
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CB In-dash

CB radio, mounted in the ash-tray opening. Underneath the dash is a Motorola external speaker (sounds a lot better than the CB-radio mounted speaker.)


  • CB small.JPG
    CB small.JPG
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wow, thanks for the detailed write up on that. I took off my lower plastic air dam thing like yours today and was checking out down there. I thought I figured out a decent way but yours looks better, seeing that you can lift it with a high lift! Thats extremely helpful

...I like the hooks and the cb turned out sweet...:biggthump

...Once I turn my Ranger into an offroader I'll need to do these myself...:D

Here's a picture of the gauge pod...


  • GaugePod1.JPG
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Looking over the truck, I have come up with a long list of things I want to do in preparation for the upcoming trek to Colorado. I thought I would document them here, both to keep track of things for myself, and for anyone else who might be interested.

The list is broken down into several sections - have to and would like to. Most of the have to items are general maintenance tasks, and some are due to the high mileage on the truck.

To Do

Replace 1" block with factory 2" block - done
New u-bolts - done

Add spacer to front coils - done
Check/tighten entire front end suspension - done
Lube front end - done

Alignment - done

Replace u-joints, carrier bearing - done

Change fluids
Oil & filter - done
Transmission & filter - add drain plug - done
Transfer case - done
Rear axle - check level - done
Front differential - check level - done
Coolant & thermostat - done
Power steering & filter - done
Brake fluid - done

Tighten/adjust steering box - done

Clean PCV valve - done
Look at rear axle "oil out of the breather hose" problem

Clean air filter - clean

Repair A/C leak?

Install Explorer seats - done

Tint door windows - done

Gas can mount - done
Water jug mount - done

Clean/oil Hi-Lift jack - done

Replace rear shock bushings (Rancho bushings don't last very long)

Build air cleaner heat shield

To Do if Time Allows

Upholster seats - done

Replace headliner

Paint interior

Camera bag mount - done

Move cruise control buttons

New steering wheel

Grille - done
Front bumper pad - done
Rear bumper pad
Fender flairs

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How is it having the compressor in the cab?