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Scott B's 93 Ranger XLT V8

I have the wiring diagram from Ford. You can still get them.

Do a search on eBay - you might be able to find one there. (I bought a set of '06 books on eBay - much cheaper than new.)

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I powered up the computer last week. The KOEO test threw 4 codes - 3 for the missing smog control fittings and 1 for the fuel pump.

I did a little research on (Small Block Ford Tech) and found out that I can use a 75 ohm resistor to replace the sensors and satisfy the computer. I could not find any 3W resistors locally, so I ordered some from a wholesale electronic parts supplier. Once they arrived, I wired them in and re-tested. 3 codes cleared!

My fuel pump is not turning on (which is generating the code,) which leads me to believe there is a wiring issue. I studied the schematics last night, as well as my wiring notes. Tonight, I will trace the wires. I can't remember exactly, but I think I missed a wire. We shall see.

I installed the spark plugs - they were more accessible than the right rear 2 on the V6! I will install the wires in the next day or two.

All that is remaining is fabricating a MAF mount and figuring out how to route the throttle and cruise control cables (need to go around the HVAC box.)

Hard to believe I am almost finished...

Scotts truck.....

Kool, once done you have 6 months to get any bugs out before Nevada..... have any trigger time on the Scout yet? Have you scoped and zeroed it yet? Mine is a blast to shoot!!!!! Michael :D

I haven't been shooting for several months...:(

Once I finish the truck, that will definitely change.

Spark wires are installed and routed. I am using MSD 8mm wires with retainers that were on the other engine. I think they are made by Taylor.


  • Plug Wires.JPG
    Plug Wires.JPG
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I need to mount the air filter and MAF in the front right corner of the engine compartment. Unfortunately, the "L" part of the existing tank is right where the filter needs to be. :(

I think the tank setup from an 89-92 will fit (it is a rectangular unit.) I need to get the dimensions of one to be sure. The goods is these are available - new - for about $40.


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    Overflow Tank.JPG
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MAF Bracket

The older style overflow/windshield washer tank is going to work fine. I am almost finished mounting it.

I have completed fabricating the bracket to mount the MAF and air filter. It's rather funky looking - part of it is sitting on a flat surface of the inner fender, part is on a curved surface.

Here, you can see the bracket, and mounted in the truck without the MAF and air filter.


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    MAF Bracket.JPG
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And here you can see the MAF and air filter installed.


  • MAF1.JPG
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Overflow Tank

I have mounted the new (Gen1) overflow tank.

This tank is designed to mount on the driver's side, but I mounted it on the passenger side - where my original one was mounted. In doing so, the wording on the caps is upside down - oh well.

This tank is 7" wide, 11" long and 8" tall. The curves on my inner fender would not allow the tank to mount flush on the side of the fender, so I fabricated a 1" spacer to push the tank away from the side. Still leaves plenty of room for the MAF and air duct.

Unfortunately, the electrical connector for the washer pump is different. :( I need to get a connector from the junkyard - always something...


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One more Piece!!!

The fuel pump issue is fixed. Nothing major - I sourced the wrong lead for the ON and START signal to the new wiring harness.

That leaves only 1 more item on the task list - the throttle cable bracket.

Here you see version 2 of the bracket. I had a great idea (version 1) but when I built it, it didn't fit quite right. :(

So, with what I learned from the first bracket, I started building this one. As it sits, it needs a little machining, then welding, then paint.

I'll have this done this week, and will put the hood on the truck next weekend.

Stay tuned...


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Scott's truck.....

Soon eh? Been a long road, but the end will be worth it, can't wait to see it! Michael

It's been a busy couple of weeks.

I brought the truck to the shop to have the exhaust built and fire it.


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    TowTruck 001.jpg
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Building the exhaust:

I ran dual 2 1/2" pipes from the headers to the tailpipes. The plan was to keep the pipes tight to the body, to ensure they don't get ripped off while off road. I also had 2 catalytic converters to install.

Given the funky angle of the headers and the suspension lift I have, running the pipes was a little tricky. They came out great - it just took some time.

I was planning on using MagnaFlow mufflers - I had two 5" x 8" x 18" mufflers. It turns out, they won't fit under the truck! Fortunately, FlowMaster builds spacer saver mufflers - 3" x 10" x 16" three chamber. They do fit - and clear the driveshaft.

Exhaust hangers - they built 2 dual-pipe exhaust hangers, utilizing a stock style rubber hanger/isolator. Way cool - and very solid. The exhaust has very little movement in it.


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Throttle Cable

Phase 2 of my bracket didn't work quite as I had hoped.

In actuality, the Ranger cable wasn't going to work. I couldn't get full throttle out of it.

Fortunately, Lokar makes a replacement cable. After pulling out the factory cable, the new one went right in. Of course, had to make a different piece for the bracket. Phase 3...

Minor adjustment, and we are good to go!

(Picture this weekend)

Time to Start it!

The time is here to start the engine!

It started first try!

Wow, does it sound good!

Minor glitch - without going into all the troubleshooting, the TFI module on the brand new MSD distributor was bad. :mad: I got a new one from Ford, problem solved.

Minor glitch #2 - the kickdown cable is not going to work. The way I had mounted it to the transmission was not ideal (pull angle, adjustability.) The truck drives, but shifts (on its own) way too early. We decided to not bother trying to get my factory cable to work - Lokar makes one, so it will be much quicker to replace the cable. Just as well, since my original one is 19 years old.

I will pick up the cable this weekend, and get it installed next week.


..No pictures or sound clips?:popcorn:

Scott's "new" Ranger

Way kool!!!!! You will be the show case truck on the 2013 trip! :thumbsup: Have a happy and safe Christmas/New Year. Michael

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..No pictures or sound clips?:popcorn:

I just drove it home!

I had to manually shift the trans due to the improperly functioning TV (kickdown) cable.

I'll get some pictures soon - maybe even a sound clip!