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Scott B's 93 Ranger XLT V8

I picked up a Blue Sea Systems ACR (Automatic Charging Relay) for the second battery.

This device will keep the 2nd battery isolated from the main battery, keep the 2nd battery charged, and allow for starting of the truck if the main battery is dead.

And, it is really simple to wire!


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Busy weekend!

It started with new tires.

BFG KO 32x11.50-15

This size is getting hard to find - but these were in my basement!


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I continued with wiring in the bed of the truck.

I wired in the air compressor and the fridge power plug. I made a panel to mount a fuse block and relays - this panel slips into the compartment where the battery resides.

Only 2 circuits now, but plans for several more.


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Lastly, I added a gauge to my air tank and finished plumbing it.


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Big improvement! Love it.

After close to 20 years, I finally got around to changing the steering wheel.

I never cared for the original, and it was getting worn.

This one does not have cruise control buttons - you can get an add-on that straddles the lower spoke. The add-in is ugly and quite expensive. I mounted 5 buttons/switches on the dash for the cruise - all I need to do now is wire them.

Scott needs a CB handle. Suggestions?

Refridgerator Mounting

I have completed the "fridge mount slide out tray". It came out pretty good, if I say so myself.

The first pictures shows the platform with the newly removable platform section in place.

Next, you will see the piece removed. This shows a clear view of the sliding tray.

Next, the tray is pulled out.

Lastly, you can see the bottom of the tray, and the fridge mounting bolts.


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Here, you can see the fridge mounted and in place.

I will post another picture once I re-install the platform in the back of the truck.


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Scott where did you source the fuse panel? Very nice work!!

Scott where did you source the fuse panel? Very nice work!!

It came from Blue Sea Systems - link

All their products are marine grade - very high quality. The Automatic Charge Relay I am using with the 2nd battery is one of theirs also.

Most of their products can be found on eBay from various sellers for less than list price.

New Taillights

I replaced/upgraded my taillights. After 19+ years, they were not bad shape, especially considering how much off-road use they have seen. The left lens was cracked and chipped, the right one was solid, but showing its age.

The lenses I swapped to are for a 2000 model truck, with a single bulb taillight. Fortunately, the housing is identical to a 1998-99 housing (which is a 2 bulb setup.) All I had to do was drill the uppermost compartment to accept a bulb.

Here you will see before, after and a closeup.


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I finally installed the j-hooks I bought some time ago.

Before and After:


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    J-hook 1.jpg
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Wiring 2nd Battery

To wire power and ground to the second battery, I needed to run 4 gauge wire through the side of the bed. I found a marine fitting, called a Cable Clam (first picture,) to isolate/insulate and waterproof the cable through-hole. These things are pretty cool - overkill, but what on this truck isn't!

Here are the cable clams (by Blue Sea Systems), the base installed, the top part and cable installed.


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  • Clams Base Install.jpg
    Clams Base Install.jpg
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After almost 20 years (and multiple cleanings) I decided to replace the headlights.

I ended up getting a set from Anzo. These are not made in America :( but are DOT approved. And, they don't look too obnoxious. We'll see how good the light works once it gets dark.


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Fuel Can Swingout

In the interest of carrying more and more conveniently, I am adding a second swingout to the rear bumper. This one will carry 2 five gallon cans - either fuel or water.

I went back to Comp 4x4, and got one of their face mount hinge kits. (Photo 1) This design allows me to mount the carrier to the face of the bumper (as opposed to the edge). A nice advantage here is the ability to easily remove the swingout when not needed. (Being that there are now 2 swingouts to move to get into the back of the truck, I plan on not having the second carrier on the bumper except when I need it - on long excursions.)

The next photos show the shear mounts on the bumper. I modified the mounts slightly. This is all that will remain on the bumper when the carrier is not attached.


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Here is the swingout, so far.

Two plates will mount to the horizontal bar - these will hold the fuel can carriers. A latch will be added to the left side, to keep the carrier tight against the bumper/other swingout. I also need to add some gussets to support the horizontal piece.

More progress today/tonight.


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..Looking good and I know you are in a hurry to get it done before your trip..:biggthump

...Are you going to add a plate with a piece of rubber for it to rest on or will the latch be it's sole support on the end?