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ScottB takes West Coast by Storm..


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March 4, 2007
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..Well, maybe not by storm but he is out here visiting...:D

...There will be plenty of pics and info to be updated over the next couple days...


...Some of his highlights this weekend have been and not limited too:

Visit's at..

Robby Gordon's Race shop
John Forces Race shop

Riding shotgun in my Project X to...

Silverado Canyon
Trabuco Canyon

Meeting up with members at their home shops and seeing all their projects...

Zukman and Zukmam

Eating at fine places like...

Baja Fresh
Los Primos

...Not to mention he got to see Harley at work modeling the latest in Diva fashion wear..:p:..And we got a pic of his dad's Ranger and the Squirrel together..

...That's Friday and Saturday as we are taking Sunday off..:D

...If anyone is interested in meeting up with ScottB over Monday and Tuesday, let me know as we should be in the OC area these days...Might even be wrenching on my trucks one of these days...;)

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...Some pics from Friday (OC area)...

...Scott arrives and quickly makes a phone call..:shifty_ey .."I'm ok Mom and we are heading out to play"...:p:

..First stop, "The Big A"...

..Next stop was Robby Gordon's shop (Thanks Roger for letting us in :salute:)...We pull in to the parking lot and there is a V12 Jag right next to us...Being proud Ranger owners, we overlook it and start taking pictures while crawling in and around the Ranger parked on the other side of it...:D

...The handle was welded over and it took two tries to get it right...The owner painted it soon after


...Robby was due to stop by as he wasn't going to race Pocono this weekend but, he was in town to head to the "X" games...They were however working on the Trophy Truck, cutting out and repairing the whole cage...:hammer:

...Now one of the first things Scott wanted to do was hit an In-N-Out burger...Knowing this I planned the day accordingly and gave him a warning that he was going to hate the next stop...The next stop was to a local Ford dealership to pick up my Ranger's new shock towers...If you hadn't guessed by now, it was right across the street from In-N-Out burger..:p:

..We did do some Ranger shopping while we were there though..:D

...Scott patiently waiting on his order...

...Next stop was John Force's race shop where everything has a price...






...The rest of this day was spent driving around in the local canyon's...(Btw, Main Divide Rd. is open)..We also ran over to the historical Modjeska house but it was closed..

...Somewhere in Trabuco canyon my RA broke...We caught dinner in Rancho Santa Margarita and limped the X home way after dark...:popcorn:

...Saturday's pics, visiting day in the LA area...

...Our first stop was to a newer members house where we picked up some greatly appreciated cd's...He is "Elite" member BWTGUY and we got to visit for a while and check out his 92 X "BEBE"...:salute:

...This guy shouldn't even be with us right now but by a miracle he is...It is also great to meet someone as Enthusiastic about his Explorer as he has a new love and can be found working on it regular..:hammer:...Besides putting on his new rock crusher diff guard, swapping out his auto hubs for manuals, changing his brakes, and checking all his own axle seals and such, he is also an electronics guru who takes apart Explorer computers, stereos, and other electronics and fixes them..:biggthump

...We then headed over to Tujunga and got a pic of the "Squirrel" and Scott's Dad's Ranger...This is where I told him how close we were to Hungry Valley and how much he would like to take his Dad's Ranger wheeling over there...He wasn't going for it..:D

...We were next found at Stic-o's where we found him working in the garage and more shop talk would be had...We picked up some springs for the Ranger and found out that a t/c skidplate from an Explorer won't fit a Ranger...The Explorer frame is wider...;)



..And of course, there was a bubble show..April is now almost as tall as a 37" MTR..:eek:...I think if we all subtly tell Steve's wife how good the new Explorer would look with solid axles, she might go for it...not...She is in love with her new Explorer...

...We headed out from there and got some food before we headed out to Zukman's and Zukmam's house...Our plans were to just briefly stop by and check the progress of their Ranger and other projects but I must say we had lot's of visiting time and stayed there for hours..


...We left their house late and it was mentioned they were going to dinner...When we left they had missed out on dinner and it was mentioned if we left any later we would be buying breakfast...I agreed but only after we went drinking and dancing first...:D...We were soon on our way home...

Wish this week wasn't so busy, otherwise i would meet up.

I'm disappointed, you didn't take Scott to "The Shrimp House" in El Monte for shrimp as big as his palm LOL.

Looks like a great time, I hope to be making a SoCal trip some day. The wife is resistant, so it may take some time to talk her into it.

I'm disappointed, you didn't take Scott to "The Shrimp House" in El Monte for shrimp as big as his palm LOL.

Looks like a great time, I hope to be making a SoCal trip some day. The wife is resistant, so it may take some time to talk her into it.

Make it in Oct for the Truckhaven run!! Let's go wheelin"

Make it in Oct for the Truckhaven run!! Let's go wheelin"
That may work with my schedule. It'll have to be 2012 at the earliest, she's got Ouray fever right now LOL.

...If "The Shrimp House" is still around I will make sure we all get there when you come out...;)

...I have a couple ideas for Scott B for tomorrow but we will see how it all works out...We are kinda playing his whole trip by ear...:D

Just for the record, the "Jag" next to the Ranger at Robby's shop is really a Mercedes...

In-N-Out was good - maybe better than Five Guys...

I really enjoyed meeting everyone yesterday - it's nice to put a face with a (screen) name!

Sometimes I wish I still lived out here - except for the traffic.

zukman - I'm serious about the Maximums...

Glad to meet you Scott:thumbsup: Thanks for stopping by

...Jag, Mercedes, they are all the same...They're not Ford's...:p:

Jags used to be...

the Diva pics as promised


...Last Diva pic I promise...:D...Her new casual wear compared to her offroad "Bumble Bee" outfit..

...:shifty_ey ...I think Scott is on restriction today so he missed out on going to 4wheelparts Corporate Headquarters and wharehouse..:p:

...He says he can come out tomorrow...Plans should include a small tour then possibly getting to play with a torch and a BFH...:hammer: