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screwed up hella 500 ?

Yo- I just installed 2 additional hella 500 fogs on my roofrack last night. I already had 2 hella 500 drivings up there that I wired myself and they work absolutely perfect. For some reason, with my new ones, the inline fuse just blows right away when turned on. This is rather peculiar to me because I seemed to wire them fine. I even used the same power/ground hookups as the previous set but they are messed up somewhere. This really pissed me off cuz I spent so much time on them and have wired the same lights before. I was just going to pick up some more fuses at home depot, slap them in, then if they still blow, I think I'm going to bypass the fuse and just run it straight through to the relay. I checked every connection and extension, and it all looks fine. I even popped the lights out to verify that nothing was shorting out inside and it all loks fine. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know as I am upset about this screwup with my wiring. Thanks

You gotta a short somewhere in the wiring job. If you pull the fuse and wire it direct you will probably find the short by following the smoke as it burns. Might get lucky and have it only burn some wire. Then again you might not....
PIA but you gotta find where you got the problem. Just trace each wire down and make sure they are on the correct relay pins.
Good luck...

i'll be adding some more lights to my X as well some time and do them my self so i'll be crossing my fingures if they work. i payed a professional company to do the ones on there right now. i guess i can just copy what they did to get them to work!

If you have a continuity tester, try this. Pull both + and - cables off battery (- first). Remove the ground point that you used. Remove the inline fuse you put into the light circuit. Place one end of continuity tester on one side of where fuse was, and the other end to chassis (bare metal), if you got continuity, you have a short. If not, try on other side of where fuse was. This will let you know if you have a short and help isolate which side of the fuse it is on.