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SD Card - MFT doesn't see all files


June 20, 2011
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Explorer Limited AWD 2012
I have 16G SD card with 1300/9G songs on it (mp3 format).
All were preprocessed with Sync "Fix My Songs" utility from sync web site.
The same collection is also on my iPhone4/IOS5, connected to USB.

After indexing is done, I see all songs on iPhone, but only ~500 on SD card.
I tried to change collection content, add / remove some files, and often some album that was not recognized before gets recognized after I replace something else.
Looks like after ~500 songs MFT gets frustrated and just stops indexing, rendering rest of the files inaccessible.

Any ideas ?

I debugged it :)
Copied the same files to disk on key, and all worked Ok. So I fetched fast SD card from my Canon, and tested the same music library on it - it worked also.
Appears like there is some hardcoded timeout value on the music library scan time, and on my old SD (class 6) MFT processed only 480 files before timeout expired.
Using class 10 card it read all 1300 mp3 files. Still it does not show album artwork, but I can live with that.