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Seadoo Challenger 2000 Towing

Hey Guys,
I've made myself dizzy trying to read and figure this all out, so am throwing out numbers for the hopes that someone will answer yes or no.

My truck:

2005 Explorer XLT V6 4x4 with 3.55 gearing
Class II Hitch
Seadoo Boat: 2,100 lbs
Trailer: ?? Maybe 5-600 lbs

I see max trailer is 3,380 and GCVW is 8,000 lbs

Am I safe towing this trailer. 30 minute level drive to and from Jordan Lake.

Thanks guys!!!!

GCVW is 8,000 lbs.

I'm thinking the boat and trailer should be 3-3,100 lbs, where max is 3,800 lbs. I think I'm good to go, but wanted someone else to confirm to ease my mind.

I don't want to cause any damage and be unsafe on the roadway.


The only way to know is to know all of your weights, and subtract from 8000 lbs GCVWR.

Boat = 2100
Trailer = ? Don't guess. Get a weight.
Explorer = ? Empty weight should be on a door sticker.

Add up those 3 weights and subtract from 8000. What is left is your capacity for people/cargo in the truck, and any cargo (skis, boards, coolers, etc) in the boat.

Seems like you'll be OK, but this math is not difficult.
Do the math.

Do the math if its close put in on a go for a short drive. Pick a day with little traffic and take it easy. You will know right away how it feels. Do some emergency stops at different speeds if it feels bad dont do it again.