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all of my stuff is starting to get here so i guess ill start a thread.

I am doing a SAS 4x4 converstion on my 95 ford explorer. phase 1 will be the SAS, once it is done ill start worrying about the transfer case/driveshafts.

I am using a dana 30 from a 95 cherokee. It already has the 4.10 gears to match my rear.

I will be using an EB suspension. I found a guy with an EB and i cut off all the suspension parts. here is what i am using:

radius arms, coil buckets (top) shock mounts, coil buckets (bottom)

4" radius arm drop brackets from 79 bronco

5" wildhorse coils

I am welding the axle wedges to the dana 30, They are made for a dana 44 which has an OD of 2.75" my dana 30 has an OD of 2.5" I will be building up the axle housing with 2.75od .12wall tubing.

I am going to tack the axle wedges on when it is under the truck and i set the caster/camber on the axle. this should be about 10 degrees slanted forward. with my 4" radius arm drop brackets. This cuases a problem of also pushing the spings forward but i finally found a solution for that. seirra broco makes shims for them.
check out the pic and you will see what i am talking about.

I am using stock 2 degree bushings since i am setting the axle wedges.

I have not figured out the steering or track bar yet, I am going to wait till I have the axle under the truck.

This set up should give me around 10" of lift.

I will get some pics of the bronco suspension parts ASAP. every thing was pretty rusty when i got them. took 2 days, 2 angle griders, 3 wire discs, and a bunch of cutoff wheels to get everything lookin good. everything is primed, ill pait it tommorrow.
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haha well its kinda now or never, i am moving out of teh house i live in now and into a condo in august plus i have an entire fabrication shop at my disposal. i am hopeing with 3 guys we can have it on the road by monday morning then i can tweak everything later on.

i plan on haveing everything ready so all i have to do it cut out hte old bolt on the coil buckets and caster arm mounts and do the power steering and brakes. worse case senerio ill ride a bike to work for a week :)