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August 4, 2003
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1999 Expedition XLT 4x4
I know it is sooooo much easier to just post and hope that everyone can do the work for you. For those that are new or old, PLEASE use the SEARCH function for your questions that have been asked and answered sooooo many times it is not even funny, but soooo frustrating.

If you just type in your question in a few different ways, I guarantee you would find your answer or a picture of something you are looking for. It is your best friend in these forums.

If you honestly do a search and still have questions, then that is a good thing. But questions like these for example are totally ridiculous,...


1) Pics with 31's or does 31's fit with no lift?

2) Body lift and where to get or links?

3) What rim size do I need for this size tire?

4) What size lift do I need for ________ size tire?

5) Pics with 32's please.

6) Shackles, shackles, and more shackles........

Just examples of some that are being posted everyday and are ridiculous to ask.

I just did a search on 32's and came up with just tooo many to count.