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Searching for help with sum wheel clarification

Hi guys and gals I recently upgraded to a 2004 explorer limited in pearl white... love this thing and with only 68k miles shes running like a dream!!!! The only real issue with the truck (aside from what I assume is having to do the blend door AGAIN on another truck) is the "chrome" wheels are peeling and it throws the whole look off... I know older mustang wheels fit for the most part or so that's what I read... well I stumbled across a set of black American racing torque thrust (bullitt) style wheels locally...
They are
45mm offset
72.6mm hub
6.020 back spacing....
Would these wheels fit and work without having to use spacers...?
Also I could just source wheels from a mustang website like americannmuscle
30mm offset
5.72 backspacing

Plan is to just swap the brand new tires on the truck over... any info or input would be great... also there's 2 sets of 96-98 cobra wheels for sale locally so I could go that route also, just not looking to run spacers hopefully