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January 18, 2006
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99 Xpo, 4DR, Manual
I just swapped in a set of leather power buckets, but the driver side is a little worn on the left cheek. Other than upholstry shops (last resort) what are my options? Are the foam from the passenger and driver side the same? can they be switched? I was thinking I could go to the junk yard get a seat pad from a passenger seat (usually used a ton less than any drivers) and swap it in? Or should I just buy blocks of foam and stuff it??

Anyone with experience??

Another thought too- You can also stuff it with poly batting, the stuff they pack pillows with. Easy to shove in without disassembling the seat entirely (pulling hog clips) and much more comfy than seat foam. I stuffed mine that way, the bags were like $3 at Wal-Mart, I used a bag on the bottom and a bag on the seatback... I tried memory foam, but it crushed too much, I pulled that out and went with the poly batting between the stock foam and the leather cover.

This is 'before' on the day I bought Snowball, (and actually not bad compared to some, but this was 2-1/2 years ago too)


After stuffing and sitting on them a year, this is how they are puffed up yet:


I had bought some Limited seats, and after a few months pulled them and put these back in, they're so much more comfortable. No bench-butt on long trips. It's like a flying couch! :)