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Seat motor not working


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July 11, 2015
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Cocoa beach
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cocoa beach fl
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2003 sporttrac xlt 4x4
My drivers side seat motor stopped working and I can’t remember clearly but I think the passenger one went out very shortly after. I checked the fuse and it was good, I pulled the seat and checked the trac and it was good, metered the cannon plug/connector and I’ve got 12V in all positions. Up down back and forward. Basically all 6 pins tested good. I haven’t troubleshot the passenger side yet but it’s hard for me to believe that BOTH just went bad at the same time or within a very short time of each other without there being something else going on...???
Maybe it’s just planned obsolescence???
Either way, any tips on the situation, part #s, cheapest place to get them, etc would be helpful.

I’ll probably just go to the junkyard for one. I have a 2003 and it’s the 3 cylinder motor.
It’s got the lumbar adj, and heated too.
What years and what models can be swapped out?

Not to threadjack, but wouldn't it be easier to find manual seat tracks and just do away with the power sliding? Which seat tracks would work for this? Explorer, Ranger, or something else?