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Seat question


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July 27, 2008
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94 Eddie Bauer
The leather driver seat is a little worn in my 94 eb. I was at the "pull a part" yard the today and I was wondering , can you take a passeger seat and convert it into a driver seat? The leather passenger seats arn't as worn as the drivers seats.

If not the whole seat then just the cusions?

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If you can swap out just the apholstery that would be best, putting in a passenger seat on the drivers side would put all the seat controls and the release for the seat back on the inside next to the console where they would be very difficult to use

yes thats what I'm wondering is if the uphostry is the exact same as the drivers side. Because they look the same.

If anyone knows I need to know before saturday before I go back.

what part of the seat is bad ? if it's the back part then i have seen at pull-a-part people that have just removed the back section i'm guessing that the back parts aren't all that important.i think just 2 bolts to be removed and whatever bellows and lines for the pump have to be disconnected to do it .

On mine its the part you sit on thats getting a little worn. When I go Ill try to see if I can take the seat apart and just get the leather and cusions , hopefully it will match up to the drivers seat.

I know on my 93, the upholstery for my front seats is identical. I have seat covers now and after I've taken them out to wash them, I rotate them back and forth between driver's side and passenger's side to even out the wear. I'm pretty sure there is going to be very little difference between my 93 and your 94.

ic, i'm kinda doing the same with my passenger seat right now ( already did it to the drivers seat) i'm fixing the side bolster....pic

just remember that when looking for replacement leather that the one that i just showed you is the regular leather type of leather ( the pin holes are wide) ...i came across many seats that were from eddie's and the leather is better quality but the pin holes are more closer together and also the tan eddie leather is a little darker than what i just showed you that is if you want every thing to match up color wise .

just something to pay attention to when your at the yard .

Yea theres alota explorers there and i saw the one that had the pin holes closer together. I'm just wondering if I can just bolt/screw the seat bottem from the passenger side to the driver side. Or are the seats rivited together?

Along with the controls being on the wrong side, the seat belt is also connected to the seat.

I'm not sure how the leather is held on the seat, but on the cloth ones, for the back, if you fold it all the way forward, there's a long plastic "snap" so to speak, which holds the bottom on. If you disconnect that, the seat back fabric can be slid off. You might want to check that, the leather ones might be attached the same way.