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Second gen slider project

Check out Chad551's rock slider build. It's just about exactly what you want to do except it's welded on. I'd just make the rockers enclosed where their cut now, you'll gain clearance on the cab.

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i can see your dilemma. cap the rocker, or weld new ones. capping them would take less time, but might look a little funny unless you can find a way to hang your tupperware off the side of the truck when your not using the sliders. now on the other hand if you replace the rockers, IIC, nobody has replacement sport rockers which means you would have to do what i did when i did mine and thats find a 4 door set and also the bottom of the rear doors and weld them to the rockers. not to scare you but when i did mine it took about 10 hours or more per side to cut the rust, cut them, fit them weld them and body work them. thats both inside and out if i remember correctly. but thats not including (if you go this route) cutting them off a clean donor and drilling the spot welds out to separate them from the inner and outer. i know from doing my truck, and selling a few sports if the outers are gone, more then likely the inners are shot to.

Yeah I'm starting to lean more towards cutting out the rust and capping them. Tim the sliders would stay on the truck all the time and I'd do away with the Tupperware along the bottom. I just want to make them bolt on so if I ever had to remove them for repairs or something like that I can. I have found new outer rockers for the 2 door but nothing for the inners. My inners are non existent! I'm hoping to get started on this soon but I've got a leaking sunroof and a cracked exhaust manifold to deal with as well.

the inner is nothing hard at all to make. if you can find some 18 gauge thats all you need, or 16. its for the most part a strait piece anyway.
and whoops about the manifolds. now i know why you where kicking yourself when i let the TMH's go.

Yeah man I've been looking for a used set pretty much since they came out! Na it's all good I just hate the idea of doing all of that work for no gain. As for the inner rockers I was thinking of just using the flat sheet metal to make up new ones if I went that route. Either way I'm gonna need the sheet metal to cap off the bottoms

This is what I did:


1010141015.jpg by cvrnrth, on Flickr


1010141130.jpg by cvrnrth, on Flickr


1010141130b.jpg by cvrnrth, on Flickr



1118141225a.jpg by cvrnrth, on Flickr

1118141225.jpg by cvrnrth, on Flickr


DSCN7862 by cvrnrth, on Flickr

DSCN7863 by cvrnrth, on Flickr

DSCN7861 by cvrnrth, on Flickr

This is exactly what I'm wanting to do! Did you cap off the bottom where you cut the rockers off?

This is exactly what I'm wanting to do! Did you cap off the bottom where you cut the rockers off?

Hey really cool build! I really like the work you have done so far!
Also from the pictures it looks like he used the sliders to cap off the rockers, looks like they are welded right to the rocker material below the doors, but im jjust going by the pictures. I would suggest you cap off the rockers separately with some 16ga steel and then leave like a 1/4"-1/2" gap between sliders and rockers, in case they bend on a hard hit offroading, keeps the sliders from damaging the rockers.

Yeah I would never attach them to the rockers. One good hit and the rocker would meet the door!

Dont feel bad about the rust my sport and mount both have some, im gonna cut pieces out at the junkyard

Welded straight to the body. Capped the bottom the welded them in. Tiring them into the frame as well after the body lift. If you bend 3/16 wall 2x6 tubing you've got other issues. I'm not worried about bending them.