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Second Opinion Needed: $600 to change roof drain tubes!


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December 19, 2009
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'06 EB, '95 Ranger XLT
Looking for a second opinion here-

I noticed I had water leaking through the overhead console dome light switch this morning on my way to work. I read some threads here and came to the conclusion my roof drains were clogged, the service guy at the dealership thought the same. It turns out, the tech was baffled why it hadn't started leaking sooner... Evidently, the drains are clear but are bad? They said I needed a new design of roof drain and the part is $37 with the installation $500 due to having to take the headliner apart. The installation cost is acceptable since I understand how intense that can be... But I feel like I'm at the mercy of the dealership as I can't have water leaking through an electrical switch.

Any thoughts?

How far out of warranty is the vehicle? If it's close, you should be able to haggle your way into it being under warranty, especially if it's been leaking for a while....

*sigh* It's well out of warranty. I had no idea the drains were bad since I just noticed it leaking today.

I'd find a way to remove the headliner myself and replace the part. $500 for labor is too much IMO.

I took my 01 in for a tranny slipping issue after they did a PM on it. They told me anywhere from 1800-3500 bucks and that it was a full rebuild. I took it to a local shop and 345 dollars and a torn gasket and solenoid later I was satisfied.