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Section525 '96 XLT V8 4WD

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Section525 - Red Bluff - CA
1996 Explorer XLT 5.0L 4x4

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Motor/Drivetrain Specifications
GT40P Head Swap
Torque Monster Headers
FMS E-303 Camshaft
FMS 1.6 Roller Rockers & Valve Springs
K&N Intake
Magnaflow Exhaust
4R70W w/ Advance Adapters output shaft and housing
BW1354 Manual Transfer Case

Axles & Suspension
Front Dana 44 from a Jeep Wagoneer
5-Lug Conversion
ARB Locker
4.88 Gears
Rock Equipment Knuckles
Sky Manufacturing High Steer Arms
Fox 14" Reservoir Shocks
JC Whitney 5-leaf Waggy Springs
Custom Stainless Brakelines

Rear 8.8 LSD
4.88 Gears
Spidertrax Wheel Adapters
Warrior Shackles
Pro Comp AALs

37" IROKs on 15x8 American Racing Bajas

ARB Compressor
Warn xd9000i Winch
Rock Sliders
Front Shackle Tow Points

Quad Bucket Seats
Extra Oh **** Handles

Future Mods
Rear Winch
Rear ARB
Hydro Assist

My SAS Thread #1

My SAS Thread #2

My SAS Registry

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  • ex1.jpg
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Last one:


  • ex2.jpg
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Thanks! I'm going to order headers in the next day or two. And hopefully get my new wheels and tires by next weekish. I'll keep you guys posted!

We have the same set up but your truck looks taller than mine.

Looks good.

Okay.. I said I'd get my wheels by next weekish.. but I meant in two days (apparently). Cause I got 'em.

32x11.50 BFG MTs on American Racing Baja 15x8s.


  • 008.jpg
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And yes, to my dismay, trimming needed to be done. I guess every Explorer is different, cause I know some of you have 32's with just TT and shackles and only rub while hard-core offroading. But I couldn't get out of the tire shop without a little trimming. But it was well worth it IMO.


  • 005.jpg
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Put my Add-A-Leafs on tonight!! Got 1 5/8" out of 'em!


  • waddaleaf.jpg
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Awesome man, that is of course "top-notch". Keep us updated with your mods I'm guessing you have more up your sleeve. How hard was it to put the add a leafs in and is it alot stiffer in the rear?

Add-A-Leafs were cake. It was just a long process. I did them by myself and it took about an hour and a half. I didnt notice much in the stiffness of the ride. Drives great. My next mod are headers, which should be arriving in a day or two!

What do you guys think I should do next?

I was thinking about a 2" body lift
Clear front corners
Maybe remove pin-striping

I need some ideas!

Clear corners always look good, and they arent too expensive either. I picked up a set for 35

From where? Do you have any pics of them?

do all three, but i would suggest a 3'' body lift. clear corners look great on that color explorer(i have the same color and it looks good) and removing the pinstripping takes like 3 minutes.

ebay, they look the same as everybody elses clear corner pics

I was thinking a 3" but I just got 32s.. and I figure that when they wear down I could get 33s under there with just a 2" lift. That way it wouldnt look as funny with 32s and a 3" lift.. you know?

Chris.. do you have any recent pics of your truck??

4" lift. haha I am getting one as soon as that damn lottery hand picks me.

What did you do with your old wheels? I need a teardrop for my spare..

Looks good man

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no, sorry i dont have a digital camera. it looks better without the pinstripping huh! :) well i liked it when i did it. if i can get my hands on a digital camera then ill get you some pics of the clear corners. i got mine at they are $54 there. they look great, and they are good quality, not some cheap brand that will look crappy in a week. ive had em for about a month and a half and there is no sign of yellowing or moisture build up. after you wash your car they do get a little foggy but it disapears right away.