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Section525 w/ a newb lift question!


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February 11, 2001
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Okay.. how hard would it be to make a custom suspension lift? I'm thinking about having a 6" lift made. I have the hookups with some fabrication shops and I really just need to know how realistic this project would be.

This is what I know:

1) Need the lower control arm drop bracket
2) Someway to do the upper control arm drop and spindle
3) Tbar drop bracket
4) Diffy drop bracket?
5) Sway bar extensions
6) Steering

Okay.. what do I need to know? I know doing the steering the way Superlift does it is superior to the way Trailmaster does.

I don't know. Any of you suspension lift guys have any advice?

Thanks! :D

EDIT: I'm going to use my old '96 chassis to design/build this thing. :D

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15,000 members on this forum and no one can respond?! :D I could get more help on my Nissan board! :D

Okay.. just kidding. I wouldn't even go near a Nissan forum.

Anyway, I think the hardest part about doing a 6" lift would be the damn spindles. Superlift doesn't make a 6" kit for the IFS Rangers, so that means there's probably no 6" spindles in existance. :confused: I was thinking about relocating the upper control arm mounts to underneath the frame.. but that would give me about 12" of lift! Screw that. Anyone have any ideas (besides me?). Should I just go with a standard, everyday, 4" Superlift?? :D

just give it up, go SAS! but your right, the spindles are gonna be the hardest, best thing to do is get your hands on 4" ones and make an exact replica except 6" ones. good luck! BTW steering will be solved by the spindles. and are you gonna take out the 3" BL cause its gonna look goofy as fawk with 9" of lift an 35's.

I would have done a SAS 6 months ago. But I just threw a new frame under my dang truck and I'd hate to cut it up! :confused:

The nice thing is that you can get all the bracketry and stuff figured out on your old frame and then just transfer all the SAS brackets to your new frame. It would be cool to have someone do experiments on an old frame to find a good combo for a late model SAS. C'mon section, you have an oppritunity like none of us have to be able to experiment on an old frame. We would all owe you big time.

Originally posted by section525 I just threw a new frame under my dang truck and I'd hate to cut it up! :confused: [/B]

A new frame? What happened?

Matt.. you don't remember my AWD conversion??

Yeah, I thought it would be easier to just throw a complete chassis under it instead of pulling out the motor, tranny, all that stuff! :D And it was. There;s some cool pics on my site (link in sig)!

But here is the coolest one:


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GaSouthern1 (AKA Bubb Rubb)... I like what you're saying. Okay.. maybe you talked me into something. I've been reading up a little on everyones SAS so I sort of know what I'm looking at. My dad happens to have a hydraulic shop... so I was thinking I could use him as a resource as much as possible (for the steering and what not). Well, I'll stripped off the motor and tranny (from the old frame) and get some pics and keep you guys updated. :D Here we go again...

You know I was thinking recently about doing an awd conversion. It is just a thought. Probly never happen. I just like having the 2 door with all the stuff not availble on them.