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Sector9's 91 explorer

Its been five long years but it is now lifted.
Parts List:
  • James Duff stage 3 5.5" lift
  • Rough Stuff SOA 8.8 spring perches
  • G2 4.88 gears
  • 8.8 Detroit Locker
  • 35x12.5xr15 Goodyear MTRs
  • All new MOOG ball joints/pivot bushings

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Can i get someone to move this thread to "Offroad Explorer - Ranger Projects"? The same spot place as turbo explorer's and bkennedys. Thanks!

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Great pictures, but that happened to shock are looking to this hanging.

We mounted the shocks in the rear where they wouldn't interfere with travel or hit the exhaust and still be able to run the factory sway bar. Before we took the trip to St. George i put the factory leaf shackles back on to help fix the stink bug look. Doing that lowered the rear farther than we thought making the rear only have about an inch of up travel, and since i like playing in the sand dunes i may have hit a whoop a little to hard :/ and it ripped the left rear shock mount off of the axle. We had to lower the shock mounts down to where they no longer bottom out but cant run the factory sway bar anymore. I haven't ran a sway bar on it front or rear since its been lifted and i am really happy with the overall feel both on and off road.

Here are a few pictures from the last outing, Just a quick run up rattlesnake. I finally picked up some metal to get the sliders going. Hoping to have those done in the next couple of weeks. They will be so nice to have on, less to worry about. Would have been nice before hitting the right side rocker on a tree stump. I still have a couple of projects to get done before heading to moab in July. I have a radius 50" led light bar and 4 pod lights to put on, and finish my new center console, and figure out how to mount the roof rack closer to the roof. I'm planning on mounting the 50" to the front of the roof rack, then eventually come up with a mount that goes in the door jam. Making the center console because the cup holders on the factory one cant hold anything and i need a place to mount all of my switches. Its coming together now so i will post pictures as soon as its done.









Its been a while since i posted. I got the center console put in, my 50" and pod lights mounted to the roof rack and the sliders are on. The first pictures are where i had my switch's mounted before, I used a factory fuse box behind it for all the wiring.


I changed styles with the new one i wanted more room to wire and a new place for cup holders too. The factory cup holders suck! I found these day star switch holders on amazon the work really well and make it look a lot cleaner. I got cup holders out of and the little mat out of a F-150. I made it so that the middle would come off so i could get to the all the wiring. I doubled up the MDF on the lid to help it not want to slide around and i was able to make the mat recessed in. I don't have any pictures of how i covered it i dropped my phone 2 days after Moab and lost all those pictures and all of the ones i took in Moab, I will have to get the ones [MENTION=88579]turboexplorer[/MENTION] has. The color for the vinyl i used was a little off but was the closest i could find. I will most likely recover it later on as I don't like how some of the corners turned out. But not to bad for the first time trying to cover such an odd shape. I had my wife sew up the edges by the switch's i thought that part turned out really well.













I forgot here is a picture of how the 50" and pods are mounted. Its hard to see the pods but i have 2 facing out each side of the truck. I will get better pictures later. I really like how the sliders turned out very similar to how [MENTION=88579]turboexplorer[/MENTION] has his.



Has anybody else had this issue with James Duff coils? I like the ride they give but i have had them on less than a year and they have sagged at least 2-3". I called them and they said they haven't heard of this before, and tried to blame it on me doing the SOA in the rear that made it stink bug and put more weight on the coils. it is pretty much un-drivable how it sits. I can feel the tires wearing away. I think that I'm going to through the 2" spacers back in the front for a quick fix and then decide if i'm going to do new coils or coil overs.


I really like the center console. I have been thinking of redoing mine, again.

The SOA causing the front springs to wear out prematurely is far fetched. Maybe they just got a bad batch, it happens. I would go with the spacers until you decide what direction you want to take.

It has been a while since i have posted. I have been a bit busy. Finally got out of our small apartment into a house. Finally have a garage again! I got the spacers put in looks a ton better. The hardest part was getting it aligned again. It had a super bad wobble over 50 mph. I had to buy some new alignment eccentric's to get it to fully align with no wobble or pull. The biggest problem i have is i seem to have bump steer now. I think it has to with my steering linkage not being as close to flat as it should be. But is way better that wearing tires away!


Well went out snow wheeling with [MENTION=137709]sector9[/MENTION] last weekend and thought I would throw up some pictures in his thread of his rig. It was a blast and we drove about 60 miles west of ours houses for a nice drive out with the families.







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Wow, Cant believe it has been a year since my last post! I thought i posted pictures of what happened to my B-pillar when i hit the Rock in Turbo's post. Basically i hit the rock and it separated the welds on the B-pillar so there was roughly a 2-3" gap at the top of the doors. I have never seen a B-Pillar separate like that. It wasn't the Softest hit but cant say it was hard enough to cause that. You can see the doors are separated in picture #3 in the above post. So we had to get creative and we pulled my explorer into the garage side way's, then used Turbo's Winch to pull the puller back together from the opposite side. Ran the cable through the right side doors. After it was pulled back re-welded the pillar back together. Turbo probably has some pictures he could add.