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Seeking Wisdom, Experience, and Help


August 20, 2012
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Long Island NY
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2000 XLT AWD 5.0
Hello all - long story very very short, I replaced the timing chain and gears no problem. When it came to hooking up all the vacuum lines during reassembly, there was one that I just can't seem to find where it should connect to. It's the white hose in the pic below. The second pic shows the white hose with clear tubing over it so it doesn't get lost. It's clearly broken I know but the other end is nowhere to be found. I've looked high and (low without any luck) before posting here looking for assistance. Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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That's the vacuum supply for the EVR. Should connect to a vacuum tree somewhere at the back of the intake manifold, but I don't know the exact location.