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seized plug threads


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April 7, 2008
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northwest suburbs of chicago, illinois
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96 E.B.
I have a 96 explorer and when removing the spark plugs it broke leaving the threads inside the head. I tried an extracter and it broke. When using propane heat, I couldn't produce enough heat to make the threads glow red. Is there any other way to remove the threads from the head without removig the head itself? Can a different torch or dry ice be used to shrink the threads?

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You're probably using a small propane torch which in general doesnt get things quite hot enough especially with so much of that heat soaking into the rest of the engine block. An acetylene torch would work much better but you have to be careful not to put too much heat into the head. If you have the time, it would probably be wiser to remove the head, drill out most of the left-over plug, and collapse in whatever is left.

some product at walmart is supposed to work by "frezzing the rust off" or whatever. at any rate it might be usefull in small doses to cool/contract the plugs threads so it may come out. but still the wiser route is to remove the head. chances are you'd have to anyway to excavate debris

im having the same issue. propane rarely works for me. i use mapp gas now. you can use your propane nozzle on it also, so its just swapping cans.

i had two stuck, got one out with mapp gas, and a EZ out. still havent had any luck on the 2nd stuck one. i planned to work on it today, but mother nature ruined that with the massive rain we have.

here's my thread, listing the different things ove tried. maybe one will work for you. might help out.

good luck man! if you have any luck, or try something new, keep us updated.