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Sell or part out?


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January 15, 2003
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Grand Blanc, MI
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92 XLT
I have a 92 XLT 4dr that I'm not sure how to get the most out of it. It runs but doesn't move. There is no fluid going through the trany pump, and I'm tired of fixing this so I'm looking for the best way to get the most out of it. It's a whole truck, body is good except for the rockers and dog legs rusted, engine runs. I know I can't get much for it if I sell it as a whole but how much could I expect to get for the sum of the parts?

Anyone with experience parting these out I'd appreciate your input.

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I don't really know how much you can get parting it out, but it would be more than selling it whole. The main problem for you would just be that it's so time consuming to part out a truck, take the parts to get shipping quotes, etc. If you have the time (and knowledge to disassebmle it without tearing it up ;)) then I guess it would be worth it to part it out, or atleast part the big things out and just sell the left over (body, etc) to a scrap yard.

EDIT: Is it 4x4? If so, what t-case does it have (manual or push button)?

BW 1354 electronic t-case.

Now I just have to see if my wife would let it sit around while I part it out.

Still open to opinions and experiences with parting out a truck.

I'd try and sell the whole truck. Just state that the motor is good, no major body damage, but needs trans work. You may find someone with a trans and willing to do the transplant. Also, mileage could be a killer (how many miles are on it?) A year ago, I would have said to donate it, and you could take a $3500 write off..... But the IRS rules have changed....

225,000 miles, anyone want it?