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Sell the 95 XLT to get the 94 XLT?? Some opinions/warnings please...


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November 25, 2001
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95 Explorer XLT 4x4
Hey fellas. I have a 95 XLT with 75K, runs great and I love it. I have put a KKM, 31" Bridgies AT, Tranny (secondary) filter. Etc...

I love it but I don't love the cost of lifts as well as the front end not being very flexy at all.

WIll my 95 rims fit on the 94?
WIll the KKM fit on the 94?

So I have 75K on the 95 this 94 has 108K. BOth with tow pkg. so they both have a tranny cooler.

THe $$ of the 94 is around $7,300.

$7300 and 108K miles...

THanks for the opinions/

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I bought a '94 (non-XLT) about a year ago for $7K and only 54K miles. $7300 seems a bit steep.

What does everyone think?


Possibly it was listed at $6300. I was thinking of offering $5K.

Do you know if there are any major differences unter the hood aside from the front-end?

I believe the 95 has the 4.0 OHC

couple years ago i bought my 92xlt, acutally when it was bout 8 years old (just like that 94 is now)....and i bought mine for 6,000 with 93,000 miles on it...i acutally paid 4,500 with my trade in...but anyways....for 108k i think 7,300 is quite high, offer about 6k

I just moved out of Colorado Springs, so I know the market there. The 94 is not worth $7000. If it's in good shape, it's worth about $4500-5500.

The engine compartment between the two is quite different. I doubt that your KKM (for a 95) will fit a 94. But if you can get the two side by side and compare under the hood, you'll know more than I do.

I just got done posting on Poll: What year X do you have? that I think the 94 is the best model year for hard wheelin'. I love my 94xlt 4-door.

One question though: Do you already have a buyer for your 95? You may have trouble getting rid of it. The market is pretty bad right now, especially in tech towns like ColSprings.

Also, check out the axle ratio! I got a weird one. I have the towing package, but only 3.27 gears. I-70 west of Denver was a nightmare because it just wouldn't climb fast enough. It climbs good off-road, but it's useless at 60mph.

Mine's a '91, bought it with 104k for 4000, and I saw a '93 the other day with 110k on it for 3000. 7000 is definately too high..

i bought my 94 explorer for 5k with 105k on it. he was asking 6300 but i thought that was high. 7k sounds pretty high to me also.

Yup. Sounds like she is asking (pipe dream) a bit too much. The sign even says "Price Reduced", ha!

I would think that an offer of 5K would be fair, in my book.

Reason being is less $$ to be responsible for and the fact that you can modify it for much cheaper.

As well it has the same drivetrain that my buddy's 97 Ranger has, fairly close. It has held up very well.

THanks for the info and I will check into making the trade.

Re: ?

Originally posted by Fischer

I believe the 95 has the 4.0 OHC

both the 94 and the 95 will have the 4.0 OHV. the SOHC didnt come out until 97. and the 5.0 OHV didnt go into the explorer until 96. so 91-95 all have the same engine.

My advice:
If it's driven mainly on-road, keep the '95. Not to piss anyone off, but the 2nd gens are a lot better for on road or daily driving. If it's just occasional off roading, keep with the '95. It's newer, has less miles, and has a better tranny. Also, in my opinion, quite a bit nicer looking inside and out.

If it's to be a hard core wheeler, putting in a solid axle, rarely driven on pavement, get the '94. Do not pay that much for it though. A '94 with that many miles goes for around $4K around here, and they're plenty of them to go around.

Either way you go, serious modding is gonna cost a lot, actually in the same ball park for the same mods. You can do just as much to one for $1K as you can for the other. The 1st gens are simply easier to find stuff for.