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Semi Homemade shackles...


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June 30, 2003
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98' 5.0 XLT
Not really offroad specific but I thought I would post a picture of these I just made up...

The shackles for my truck were rusted to all hell and nearly collapsing, not to mention I needed to use a sawzall to remove one of them, so needless to say I needed new ones. I checked with the dealer and they wanted like $90 for a new set. I thought about getting warrior shackles but I just wanted stock height, and I didn't want to spend the extra money, plus I'm impatient. Also I used the autozone shackles in the past, but they were kind of scary because the bolts were too small for the leaf spring eye bushing so the rear end would walk and slide a little bit around turns. Also since they are essentially just 2 separate metal bars there is nothing to prevent them from twisting like a potato chip. Therefore I bought at set from advanced auto and came up with this:


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im being serious when i say this.. the black paint makes them look not so much like scary metal slab shackles. nice job on adding the brace and using stock hardware.