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Sensa-Trac or Reflex?


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March 23, 2000
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91 XLT
To those who have/had Monroe Sensa-Trac & Reflex - which do you prefer? has the Sensa-Tracs for $22.09 each, but I can't find a site that lists the Reflex. I understand the Reflex is new & supposed to the bomb, so how much are they and are the Reflexes that much better than the Sensa-Tracs?

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i was at the front end place the other day and asked them what shocks i should get. at first he told me to get the sensatracs, but then i asked if the reflexes would be better and he called the place he bought them from and they said that the sensatracs are too light for the explorer, and the reflex is kind of meant for it...i'm getting the reflex's...i think has them but i havent been able to find them on their's too hard to navigate. other people have bought reflex's from them. has them also.
hope this helps

RSX Reflex

Be careful if you decide to go with the Rancho RSX Reflex shocks. Check the specs on them.They might be perfect for the earlier Explorers, but for the 95-97s they built them shorter than stock.I called the Rancho Tech line and got the specs after I received them and saw that they were both too short, and built much lighter and flimsier than the stock shocks. The Tech guy was not very friendly, and didn't think the Explorer could, or should be lifted! If you have any kind of lift with the 95-97s they are way too short for off road use. I'm using them on the street for now, and they seem to work OK. They work very well on "washboard" type dirt roads.(There is a short stretch of desert that I take to cut my commute to work every day.) They don't help sway much at all as I have heard the Edelbrocks do.

I have the Reflex in my 92 and think they are great. I do not have a lift and they ride great and do well off road. The sway and dip is eliminated. I paid 38.10 each from but then had a 30% off code which made the final at $117 with shipping. NAPA also sells the shock under their name.

I recommend the Reflex shocks. Great ride that is firm yet not harsh. There have been some other threads on the board that mentioned the SensaTracs wearing out rather quickly.

i have had the sensatracs for over a year now and they have held up great! the price i paid was 32.00 each, i have no complaints on or off the road using them. you won't be wasting any money if ya buy them.just my experence with them. also i'm not sure about the reflex's but sensatracs have a lifetime good luck choosing:)