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Sent some $$$, now I'm Elite

Josh Adams, 2001 Ranger

Well, I am now one of the Elite guys!! Here is some quick info about me and my truck!

Name: Josh Adams
Homeland: Westminster, SC (thats 15 min. from Clemson Uni. for those who have never heard it;) )
I am one of the older students at Toccoa Falls College in NE Georgia, where I am studying to be a Youth Pastor.

My truck is a 2001 Ex cab Ranger. Silver w/3" BL and 295/75/16 BFG ATs.

I've been on the site for almost 3 years now, but have just started being more active here. Glad I am now Elite and helping the site a little bit more.

Here is a pic of the truck:


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Contgrats! Nice pic too:D

welcome to the eliteness Josh...that is a real good pic too

Thanks guys! I will be putting the link to all my pics up sometime soon I hope.

Congrats on joining us elites. :cool: Hey, you should get Rick to change it to "Elite Ranger".

welcome aboard josh! and thanks!
very nice ranger. i'd honestly say it is the best looking ranger i've seen.
psst... you still copyin that video... :)

hehe, another Ranger:D

Hey Josh, welcome to the cool peoples club! :p
By the way, I saw the video of the Tellico run and I must say, nice driving!

Thanks Caleb. I do what I can.

Got me some 35s




Very nice, Josh. :thumbsup:

Very nice!

OMG, would you like a little rim with your tire? That is vey cool. :thumbsup:

looks good josh