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Separate amp or is it in the radio?


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February 11, 2000
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I bought the 2000 Explorer XLT w/ just the standard radio package it comes with. I believe that's the premium pkg and in includes a cd/radio with the rear controls. From physical inspection, the speakers are rated at a whopping 25 watts.

My question is this: Is that a separate amp over the left-rear wheel or something else? The reason I ask is that I am planning to replace the factory speakers and use external amplification, but I'd like to use the factory radio and leave the speaker harness uncut (I'm on a RCO). My plan is to use the powered out's from the radio to drive the amp's inputs through a hi-power input filter by plugging a harness into the radio outputs, then sending the amplified signals back into the harness and sending it to the speakers. Voila, higher power, better speakers and no need to rewire everything. Yes, I know it's not the most technically proficient thing to do, but it does mean, I can take my amps and speakers out and leave the factory system as is when my lease is up.

What I'm trying to decipher is if the radio chasis is supplying the speakers or is it coming from an amplifier in the back. Any thoughts?

2000 4x2 4 Door XLT SOHC
Michelin LTX P235/75R15 M/S

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check this site out!
It has all the parts to get around your factory amp if you want, etc..
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Thanks for the link, that's great info


don't bother with factory stock radio--allmost all of them ahve the radio display lights going out---if you are going to do anything get new one that works with your explorer and is not and I repeat not Factory stock!!!!!!!

get an amp bypass harness......and an aftermarket head unit......... than when the lease is up, remove the amp bypass and the headunit and reinstall the stockers....then sell the aftermarket hu and amp bypass on ebay

If you have a Single CD radio, then you have the "Base" sound system (the Dual Media radio, with a Cassette AND CD is the "Premium Sound System" in a 2000MY Explorer).

You DO NOT have an external amp. The amplifier circuitry is in the radio (4X6 Watts, total of 24 Watts on the Base sound system). So you do not need an "amp bypass harness".

You will need an aftermarket harness adapter to plug in your new aftermarket stereo if you want to retain the stock wiring to re-install the original components later.