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Sept 21-22 Oneonta, Ny


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December 13, 2002
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Westchester, NY
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98 Sport 4x4 4.0 SOHC
I'm attending an offroad run, in Oneonta New york
An Xttera club is hosting it and I'm just spreading the word about the run to this forum.
Its On private land.
Camping is available friday and saturday night.
Trail Riding all day saturday.

let me know if you want details. or are interested.

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any takers?? come on we need to show these Xterras up

I'd go but of course we have that Rausch Creek run the following weekend and back to back doesnt work well with school.

after wheeling with alot of xterra guys, my only advice is to stay far away. I will never wheel with an xterra club again.

the xterra club i've been wheeling with is pretty chill (well most of them are), and its the only club around here upstate new york that organizes rides.

also they are way better then the terrible yuppy jeep clubs we got around here.
I swear everyone of them has to have some stupid g@y slogan sticker on their windshield