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Serious Explorations 10th Anniversary Run

Where should our 10th Anniversary run be held?

  • Truck Haven Southern California

    Votes: 43 21.3%
  • Moab Utah

    Votes: 33 16.3%
  • Phoenix Area Trails

    Votes: 14 6.9%
  • Colorado Trails

    Votes: 43 21.3%
  • Badlands Attica Indiana

    Votes: 69 34.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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truck haven is jut next to the salton sea in southern ca. the phoenix trails are EVERYWHERE leaving the phoenix area. i've never been to co so one ofd the veterans will have to field that one

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Well, I voted Badlands. Of course I only live 2 hrs away and love going there. I would even bring the '99 out of retirment and put some 33s back on her to wheel this run.
I think a two part run would be more practical considering the gas prices and the distance for people to drive. West Coast and Western Midwest guys could do Truckhaven or Moab and the East Coast and Eastern Midwest guys could run Badlands. Good way to compare trails too, cause the wheeling at Badlands is 100% diff than wheeling at Trauckhaven or Moab...
Like Cableguy said, I would be more than willing to help any way I can if it turns out to be Badlands.

We all have some great spots for the Western area, anybody got any good ideas for an Eastern location? And your right exploderpilot, we could get some attention about it if we were to have two runs and all. So somebody make it official. I wanna be a part of it also. I just can't drive 1500 miles or more.

I think the two location idea is more doable for more pepole. I wonder if Ford would be interested in this many Explorers gettting together?

MOAB BABY MOAB!!! Never been there, dyin to go...but T-haven would work long as the trails don't eat my radius arm again!!! :eek: :fire:

Jason I got yer message the other day...its been a long night with my old friend Jim Beam so I can't quite remember what you said...oh yah sum sheeit about sellin an explorer. Sorry man, I can barely afford the one I got!!! Plus I'm up in Chico now :p

My vote is for Badlands! But A two coast event would draw more of us.

FYI, for those that don't know what the Badlands are like...
The folders that are for "Rock Rash", "Chubfest" and "Fall Out" are also at the Badlands. I think I even have so pics of the run Rick came to in the "Badlands" folder.

Voted for Indiana - coming from Upstate NY means lots of driving at 65 mph on really big tires @ 8 mpg. :>)


Rick, your original post mentioned a summer run, but if the yearly Moab event was scheduled for earlier than June, I'd vote for it to be the 10th Anniversary run. For sure you could not beat Moab as a great place for the event and Moab is the one place worth driving across the entire country for. Like you posted, thousands do it for the Easter Jeep Safari every year.

As of now I went ahead and voted for Indiana. It's the closest to the middle, it's the closest to me, and I've never wheeled there. I've wheeled in 13 states and need to add a 14th or I might be jinxed :D Seriously, all the other choices are a LONG way from here and I really don't want to miss Moab next year. So if something like Truckhaven is chosen, I'll probably be left with having to choose either the 10th Anniversary run or the Moab run because there is no way I could do both :(

I voted Moab, I would love to go again. I would really like to be part of the 10th aniversery run

Well, my vote is for Truckhaven, Moab, or Phoenix. You might be able to twist my arm for Colorado, but for Indiana I would be a "no show".

Moab or TH
One of these days I'll get that truck together and show up.

I would think that no matter where you have it at, there's going to be problems for several members to go. In many ways then I would think that Moab would be best for that reason, even though I won't be able to make that one. Attica would be nice due to getting both costs together more, however how large of a turnout would that equal? Two runs sounds the best, just doesn't equal out to something that makes up a good "10th Anniversary Run". Like Rick said, people travel for hundreds of miles to go to the Moab for the J##ps, as have(and I'd guess would) Gerald from this site. I would too if the Explorer's tranny were good enough to make any type of trip at all. The best place in my mind to get a large run together would for sure be Moab...... Everybody else,

However I went ahead and voted for Attica, as I would be able to make that run for a day or two in the Intrepid. No wheeling for me on this one, but it's worth it to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. I'd also be up for stopping into Attica and getting some info on hotels in the town and such since I should be going through the town here in a few weeks. I'm sure a group deal wouldn't be out of the question.

from Rick's original post that started this thread:

Rick said:
Please only respond if you intend on coming to the event that you choose.

I count 132 votes so far in this poll and know damn well that many vehicles are not going to be attending. I think the most vehicles to ever show up at Truckhaven or Moab was 23 - we always seem to end up with about that many vehicles (or less) during a major run. Will 33 really go to THaven this time? Will 41 actually show up in Indiana? Someone is loading votes, or a helluva lot of people are voting that won't be making it. Let's make the poll public so we can see who is voting for where and start making people accountable.

I'm pissed :fire:. This is a big thing for us and I'd like to make sure it's done right for our members that really want to join in the festivites.

hopefully indiana, because i doubt i would be able to make a west coast run.
now i just have to buy a tow vehicle or get the explorer street legal by next summer. i'll be ready

GJarrett said:
Rick, your original post mentioned a summer run, (

I was talking about me driving East in the summer if that's where we decided on a run. The runs would be scheduled according to their location. Obviously we don't want to be at Truck Haven in the summer nor do we want to be in Attica in the winter...

For the record I voted for Attica and would definitely attend. Moab on the other hand sounds great, but would add another 1300+miles (each way) which would seriously put my attendance in question. Having multiple runs allows more people to attend, but defeats the purpose of getting everyone together for a single unified "Explorer Run". The looks we'd get from non-Explorers owners as a parade of Explorers, Navajos, and Mountaineers rolls into town would be priceless...

It's "wishful voting", alot more people want to go top the run they vote for, but when it comes around next year may just not be able to make it or decide another vacation is more important. :)

I did not make any runs this year = SUCKS, but hey the truck will be that much more prepared next year :)

Just for some of the people on the west coast, I just saw that on the SpeedChannel the show "Lucas Oil, On the Edge" has a show about rock crawers that was filmed in Attica. Just to show you a few of the trails. If the SpeedChannel delays their shows it should be on at around 10:00 or 10:30, one of the two I don't remember which.

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GJarrett said:
I count 132 votes so far in this poll and know damn well that many vehicles are not going to be attending..

Gerald before you jump to conclusions you have to realize I emailed the entire board to announce this run. That's nearly 40,000 members...

Now break down the areas of the country we are talking about and look at the numbers. It makes perfect sense to me and I don't think there is any fudging going on here.

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