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Serious squeaking

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August 25, 1999
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Greensboro, North Carolina
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94 Limited
Way back when after I first had my Superlift installed, 4" lift, I was under my Ex to change the oil and I noticed the the passenger side axle drop bracket bolt was about a half inch away from the axle of the passenger side wheel. I took it back to where I had the lift installed and they cut a little of the bolt off, which fixed things. Or so I thought. I went for a little excursion today and every time the front suspension flexed, you could hear metal rubbing against metal, which produced this LOUD squeak. And it would persist until the suspension returned to normal. I am assuming that its the same problem that I had before, because it sounds exactly the same. The front axle brackets had to be moved to the upper hole so I could get a correct alignment, so the bolts are farther away from the axles than they were before, which tells me that the only solution is to replace the brackets and try some other company than Superlift. Anyone else had this happen? Any other options?

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