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Serpentine belt tensioner rattling


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May 20, 2002
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07 WRX Limited
So I had a horrible rattling coming from under my hood and it seemed to be coming from the alternator (I didnt even think about the belt tensioner, as it was only two years old), I replaced it and still had the noise and noticed that the belt tensioer was jumping all over the place. I went to napa and got a new tensioner and still have the noise and the new tensioner is also jumping all over the place. I know it was a crappy design from ford, but is there anything else that would cause it to jump around and rattle like that? I know its not the alternator because I have done every combo of new and old alternators and new and old tensioners and still can't get rid of the rattle.

edit: i'm posting in under the hood and driveline since nobodys gonna see it here, if you want, a mod can delete this, thanks