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Service Engine Soon Light-After new battery


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December 9, 2010
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Nashville, TN
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2004 XLT
After about 3 times of having my battery die over several weeks, I got a new battery. Went to auto parts store, and they said that battery was pretty drained & I needed a new one. Shortly after the service engine soon ligt came on. Also when I start it, it has a little bit of a hard time, which it hasn't done before (lights dim for a minute and RPM gague shakes). I haven't ever had any major problems and I've done all the scheduled maintenance. Any ideas what it could be or what I should look for? It's not gas cap... THANKS!!

You probably have codes p0505 or p0506. Clean the throttle body and then disconnect the battery and recheck. Ford has tsb to reprogram the pcm and if still comes, replace the throttle body.